fur fur – also known as the show we had run up Omotesando dori to catch in time. I think that will be one of my overriding memories of this past fashion week – flying through the crowds on the way from one show to another, and managing to do a fifteen-minute journey in just under six minutes including a short metro ride. While wearing five-inch heels! (I have never been so happy to take off a pair of shoes in my entire life.)

After the rushing and hustle and bustle that is Harajuku in the evening, fur fur’s delightful show at the iconic La Foret department store felt like a very welcome reprieve, the calm at the eye of the storm. Having only hints from the invitation at what to expect, I wasn’t prepared for the sight that greeted us on hauling ourselves up all those flights of stairs to the free space at the top of the building: in the centre of the room models dressed in fur fur’s latest finery strolled through a complimentary set, and all the while the audience milled around outside this inner circle, photographers snapped and billows of foggy smoke filled the air.

If I was pushed to liken it to anything, it would have to be the most gorgeous gathering of witchy women. This was very much fur fur back on feminine form; although taking it’s cues from the influx of mori girl fashion and lifestyle, this collection didn’t feel dated or like a rehash of pre-existing street fashion trends. Ballet shoes and huge fluffy collars kept it fresh, and of course the flowery headpieces are yet to be seen in real life… Dresses were suitably white and light, as befitting a summer collection, and I particularly enjoyed the flashes of navy blue that provided a contrast to both the white and the layers of lace and frills.

As well as producing a lovely collection of versatile dresses and accessories (it would have to be with biker boots & a leather jacket for me, right?), fur fur succeeded in showing the audience simply one of the best performances from this season’s fashion week – I know I for one was knocked for six! It perfectly encapsulated the mood and aura that fur fur strive to embody in their clothing, and for just this alone they deserve a standing ovation.

Okay, enough wittering from me – more photos:

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2 Responses to fur fur Spring Summer 2012 Collection at MBFWT

  1. Leanne says:

    Gorgeous! Wish I could’ve been there. Love the big ruffled collars and hair/hairpieces 🙂

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Leanne – Wish you were there too! Maybe next year?!

    When do you get to Tokyo this time? Let’s hang out in Koenji one day soon 😉

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