Fur Fur’s shows at Fashion Week are always one of my highlights, not just as it gives me an excuse (like I need another one) to have a bit of a potter around La Foret before the show begins – what luxury! – but also as we’re never quite what to expect from this brand. There’s always a performance though, an element of drama that adds to the incredible staged atmosphere of the show. I love seeing the models interact with the clothes, and I think it’s a true case of art and fashion coming together, showing their true colours.

After lining up on the stairs outside the La Foret museum, we were finally allowed inside. Brushing aside heavy black curtains, we first encountered a still life installation setting the tone for the main show, an atelier to celebrate the 10th catwalk show. Flowers, textiles, paper and watercolours…

Emerging into the light, we then waited patiently for the models to appear: one by one they clattered across the stage in traditional Japanese sandals, each holding a unique canvas painting by Shiho Ueda, and spoke a line about the artwork into the microphone before taking their places.

The concept for this season was suitably artistic: watercolours. Colours were the main focus, and pastel shades flowed and blended into each other mimicking the soft lines of the clothing. This was not about the fear of the blank canvas, but about embracing the quiet excitement and sheer joy of creating something, anything, from nothing. I loved the long dresses, each layer individually splattered with paint, wide legged trousers and simple cuts. This being Fur Fur, it was rather heavy on the drapes, and as the models walked and talked the shapes shifted, revealing different colours and hidden details. Adding to the general feel of artistic dishevelment was the hair, backcombed, knotted and wild with tangled string – the creative muse getting lost in the real world.

This has to be one of my favourite Fur Fur seasons to date as it seems to encapsulate just the right mix of art, fashion and otherworldliness that makes this brand so popular, and such a part of the Japanese fashion landscape. I don’t think I could ever make it in the art world, but maybe I can recapture a tiny part of the excitement and creativity that makes me dream of messing around with paint, paper and fabric.

Special mention must be made of one model in particular (I won’t name and shame!) who kept getting the giggles – we somehow got into a situation where she was trying to not laugh, I was trying not laugh at her, and of course she noticed and then neither of us could help ourselves… !

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