I was reminded of GalaabenD – pronounced – ガラアーベント – when I was writing about Sos Te Nuto earlier this month.  Both have a foppish dandyism that is distinctly Japanese despite being largely derived from the English gentry of old and maybe just a hint of modern fops like Jarvis Cocker and (massive hair-era) Russell Brand.  But where as Sos Te Nuto is largely pitched at the party boys and Hosts of Shinjuku, GalaabenD is altogether more fashion-orientated and verging on the avant-garde.  Either way, they do what they do brilliantly, bringing formal wear an edge from Japanese street fashion, a touch of Harajuku progression and finish it all up with a twist of gender ambiguity – you are going to love it.

Oh and every season they do the most magnificent embroidered leather jackets you have ever (and I mean ever) seen.

Their flamboyant suits are as always second to none and downright classy to boot.

Their formal work is simply spot-on, but don’t worry they have a lot of progressive tricks up their sleeve this season in the rest of their collection:

Love those wide-legged trousers – perfectly on trend for this AW.

And you can’t go wrong with military any winter season – I do have to say that GalaabenD’s embroidery is so much higher quality than any genuine examples of this kind of military regalia when it turns up in vintage shops!

Love that foppish bow-tie.

Amazing – though it could almost be a Takurazuka theatre costume.

The collection is suitably austere is keep the vibe credible and temper the flamboyant touches.

But this has to be the stand out piece – a faux-skirt.  It is actually wide-leg pleated trousers, but still with that strong J.W. Anderson silhouette and movement that keeps it masculine and strong.

A little more toned down, but still a perfect dandy.

And another shot of those fantastic trousers!  Very tempted…

GalaabenD seem to have really understood the direction that progressive formal fashion has been taking for quite some time now, but tempered it such that people will actually be wearing it on the streets later this year – as well as parties in Naka-Meguro.

Let me know what you think of this latest work and you can check out more from them on their official site which has a great blog full of modern Tokyo fops.

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2 Responses to GalaabenD AW 2011-12 JFW Collection

  1. brad-t says:

    Thanks for posting this. GalaabenD is a brand I have sort of weird feelings about; they produce some awesome pieces that often look awkward when actually worn (see: their trademark shoecut jeans). This is a pretty great collection, even if I’m not crazy about the styling.

  2. Samuel says:

    I know what you mean, but sometimes I think it is just a matter of their clothes being hard to wear well – rather than being inherently flawed.

    Still, I am glad they try and do something different with most of their items (even if it is sometimes unnecessary) – it means they always stand out, which in Tokyo is no mean feat. On that note, you have to make it to their Harajuku shop one day, it is unbelievably cool.

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