Dandyism in its truest sense has always required a little bit of rebellion against the norms of society to be truly successful, which in a city like Tokyo that plays home to the kind of individuals for whom the output of the Kitakore Building is worn for a trip to Family Mart can be a bit difficult.  Certainly it is a city where metrosexuality won men over to the ways of skirts and eyeliner long before the rest of the world had got their hands on the dice, but still their remains a desire to subvert in a pleasant peacocking fashion over that favored by the obvious follower of fashion.  Into this precise niche falls GalaabenD who play a fairly straight bat with their core street friendly collection, but always find time to through in a couple of pieces for the dandys of Tokyo, whether they be in the employ of clubs in Kabukicho or familiar faces on the Tokyo party circuit.

The core look walks the line between formal and street casual, a perfect fit for the city and one that few men can fail to pull off.

But a quick sideways step and we quickly find ourselves in the realm of the modern dandy – providing hints of subversion against the expectations of society.  In this case we find a shorts version of their extremely popular pleated trousers doing the rounds this A/W and the high socks to forgivingly cover bare legs (which never feels quite right in a city in my book).

This is a coordinate that with its exposed knees feels a little challenging, but that is the point with GalaabenD – to find some way to reject the norm and stay one step ahead of the fashion pack.

A light leather always gets my vote in the summer and this unbelievably sharp tailored piece feels like the real stand-out item from this collection.

And now to round off the lookbook we have some slightly more progressive looks – opinions?

Needless to say there is a lot of quality in those materials and fabrics that is mercifully not quite represented in the pricing which sits only just above the OIOI average.  In terms of stockists they have a palatial store in Harajuku that is always worth a visit and it is there that you will find their limited edition heavily embroidered items that were what initially caught my attention all those years ago.  Failing that I would check out Kawano in Shinjuku for current season in the main store and very reasonable outlet / past season in the basement.

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4 Responses to GalaabenD S/S 2012 – Exemplary Dandyism

  1. brad-t says:

    This is easily the most impressive Galaabend collection I’ve seen so far. Red jeggings notwithstanding. Draping here is just masterful. And I agree that the mixed leather piece is the standout item, it’s just incredible. Love the distressed grey jacket as well. You have an item list with prices anywhere?

    Damn, how am I gonna afford this T_T

  2. Samuel says:

    @ brad-t

    No price list I am afraid, but if memory serves from the showroom then the larger outers cap out at around 100000, but most are well under 80000. I did see one heavily embroidered piece that is not pictured here at 140000 yen, but by and large nothing seemed horrific…

    My condolences to your wallet in advance 🙂


  3. brad-t says:

    That’s not so bad. I could probably swing one piece of outerwear.

    You got to go to the showroom? Damn man, I’m jelly beyond words 🙁

  4. […] admit that these guys look pretty damn sharp.  It might not be anything all that new, unlike their gender-defying S/S 2012, but they keep it fresh with nice details and small twists, and ensure that it is wearable. […]

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