Galaabend, aka: My New Favourite Thing. Ever. Apart from Samuel.

Having been an ardent Japanese fashion fan for almost a decade, and now happily pouring over shops, magazines and websites daily for Tokyo Telephone, it’s incredibly refreshing that I can still find brands and collections that literally take my breath away. It’s actually quite rare that I fall in love with every single look from a collection, but Galaabend and their fantastic male & female fashions have succeed where others have failed!

I urge you to follow this model and his wonderful shirt…

I’m taking a slightly different approach with article, as there’s so much to take in that I’ll have to settle for highlighting my favourite things:

I ♥: embroidered waistcoats, bow ties, military influences, Napoleon red shirt, tails coats, tartan accents, tall boots.

I ♥: satin military wear (yeah!!), cream, olive, khaki, hidden stripes, tight trousers & large coats.

I ♥: embroidered leather jackets, dark red trousers (something I never thought I’d say), oversized scarves and embroidered leather jackets.

I ♥: knee-high boots, empire waists, black velvet accents, tassels and vintage floral prints.

I ♥: massive hats, couture goth, tri-colour fur, and uh, embroidered leather jackets.

I think Galaabend have succeeded in making one of the most (personally) wearable collections that I’ve ever seen. There’s a great mix of actual Japanese street fashion influences, from tartan to fur to vintage prints, but re-imagined in a way that doesn’t look out of place either on the catwalk or in their volcanic rock-lined amazing shop. Every item has a real quality feel to it, and I’m guessing that in this case you certainly get what you pay for – sadly something of a rarity for most ‘mainstream’ fashion, Galaabend albeit on the higher end.

Although I’m more of a winter fashion fanatic, I’m really looking forward to seeing Galaabend’s spring/summer collection.

Is there a stand-out look for you from the current season selection?

See more at Galaabend’s homepage


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