So… who’s for a splash of colour this morning?

Galaxxxy is a brand that certainly takes no prisoners! From neon jumpers to highly patterned baggy trousers, you’ll stand out from the crowd & no mistake! While other fashion brands choose to follow their couture influences, Galaxxxy (among others such as 6%Dokidoki) have rejected the military and nordic themes of their contemporaries and have created a stand-alone style for themselves. Instrumental in this has been the model & mama Kaoru Watanabe: mostly seen in Egg magazine, her signature style has also benefited the brand JSG in the past – their bland collections of late proving that Watanabe was the driving force behind the fashion.

Chemical Candy is this season’s theme from Galaxxxy: pair pastels & brights with acid wash skinny jeans, go for chunky loud Doc Martens boots & spiky pumps, crimp your coloured hair… all this reminds me of the title sequence from Saved by the Bell! Never a bad thing…

Galaxxxy home page


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