As a card carrying “silver-fan” I am always on the hunt for something new, whether it be a new aesthetic or another excuse to carry something beautiful and expensive with me, and on that score Galcia is something of a dream come true.  The South-American Catholic style lends itself well to silver historically, Galcia adds to this tradition with a modern flair, namely slightly humorous mustaches, sombreros and modern gang imagery.  The overall effect is tough, unique, but also fun.  Just goes to show that you don’t have to be like Senju and make skulls that are hellish and grim, they can be a fun subject, and good on Galcia for bringing that out.

First-off that is actually a pen in the center of the picture with a gorgeous heavy stand, the pen then comes out and can be used as a pendant (bottom-right).  This kind of creative spirit in an artist is refreshing to see, especially in these times of recession, and while I think the sterling silver version of this stand is probably going to be hard to sell, Galcia does work in brass for those looking for a wallet friendly version!  On the subject of brass, the folding comb in the top right has got me very excited, I used to see steel combs all the time (I know they are not that great for your hair) and they are a great tool for styling if you heat them up in hot water to turn them into some kind of old-school straighteners.  I am also vaguely nostalgic, though I was not alive at the time, for the greaser look with your comb sticking out of you back pocket and a comb like Galcia’s would be dead-on.

Elsewhere they do the usual accesesory fare for those on the hunt for a ring, etc, and their Tokyo showroom has a great biker bar atmosphere replete with some Kustom bikes to dribble over and await my mid-life crisis to obtain.  Something for my Rebecca to look forward to!


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