Because I’m a long-time Discworld fan (read them, go on!), the first thing that comes to mind at ‘Gimlet’ will always be a dwarf. However, following Gimlet’s autumn/winter 2010 collection I’ll have to re-train my brain!

Pancake-flat worlds riding on the backs of four elephants held aloft by a turtle are pushed firmly aside (but not forgotten!) when taking in Gimlet’s fabulous collection. I love the monochrome bodycon skirt – very mode – paired with the fluffy shawl, the designer-esque skinny combat trousers in olive, the immense shaggy grey coat and the resurgence of that summer favourite; the plaited headband.

In particular, I think it’s worth picking up on the middle bottom image – a great mid-season transitional outfit that adds last season’s wide pale denim jeans with next season’s leopard fur coat to create a trend-based look that wouldn’t be out of place on a chilly August night or a warm October day.  I’d also like to mention the top centre lookbook photo; outfit lust! I’m really taken with this look – a Chanel-style white jacket with black trim, wide waist beld, sprayed-on tight black trousers and leopard print shoes. Love it, love it, love it. I’ve also got hair envy!

As far as I’m aware, Gimlet has only been around since the middle of last year, and is a brand that focuses primarily on the Jelly magazine readership type of target market – the brand concept of ‘tough & cool’ adding to the seasonal theme of  ‘power woman’, keywords include fur, knitwear, texture and feminine. I think Gimlet have started autumn and winter well with this collection – there’s enough to make them stand out from the crowd, and of course I’m backing their fabulously feminist ‘power woman’ style!


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