Gimlet, for spring & summer 2011 have stuck to their brand image, and further developed their take on ‘blogger style‘ – and I have to say that I rather like it.

Blogger style has been steadily growing in popularity in Japan over the past couple of years; not really surprising considering the meteoric rise of fashion blogs and bloggers as personalities. There’s been a real shift from community-based blogging to individual sites, and it seems that almost everyone has their own blog these days. I’d really love to get stuck in to why this has happened, but hey – let’s focus on the fashion! Blogger style is, as I’m sure you’ve clocked already, all about emulating the style of the (ahem) popular fashion bloggers. Chunky shoes, layers of interesting jewellery, big hats, designer bags, and a silhouette that’s remarkably similar to the gyaru-favourite: tight bottom half, loose top. Perhaps that’s why it’s found favour among so many young women in Tokyo? It’s tweaking already popular styles and shapes just a little; messier hair, a few more rings, buy these shoes and you’ll fit in with the international fashionista crowd. I’m not even going to mention Jeffrey Campbell.

As someone who’s seen this style develop over the years, it’s nothing new to me but I do continue to enjoy the different cycles and interpretations of blogger style. There is an aesthetic here, but there’s also freedom to mix things up; creepers and chains for punkier styles, flowers and lace for girly girls. My own blogger style, you ask? Well, see this post, and uh… today I’m rocking the leopard pyjamas.

Continue reading for a look at what the fashion blog generation is wearing….

Oh, that hat. I love it. Modeled by the darling Ellie-Rose who kind of epitomises a lot of blogger style.

Dovetailing nicely with Gimlet’s mode-rock look last season.

I am a sucker for red shoes. Hubba hubba.

This is so blogger style, I can’t even –

Enjoying the JC-esque shoes, vibrant loose top, chunky necklace and denim-style bandeau skirt.

Sheer fabric, buttoned right to the top. You might be showing your bra, but you’re classy. Remember that.

Denim! Leopard print! A man with tattoos?

I just think of Mr. Yan. You know who I’m talking about.

Love the black and white and leopard combination. Very wearable, and very chic.

Ah, more red shoes. Nice.

I think this collection from Gimlet pretty much hits the blogger style nail on the head. Although I can’t necessarily see my myself wandering down this path too far, I really do think it’s a great style to play with – and that’s the point. It’s fresh and fun and young, and shows that fashion bloggers have become fashion leaders; instead of just reporting trends, they set set them too.

Of course, for a sure-fire way to be fashion blog star overnight, check out the legendary Refinery29 guide; it hits a little close to the bone in some areas! Excuse me while I practice my hand-as-hat pose…


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One Response to Gimlet S/S 2011 – Get your blog on!

  1. Tori says:

    Elli-Rose just makes me wanna buy anything, haha XD ♥ Very solid ‘blogger style’ collection though! I really love the red top + denim-like bandeau skirt outfit.

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