I don’t think I’ve written about Dilga yet here on Tokyo Telephone, and for that I have to apologise! I always make sure to pop in to Dilga on my rounds of 109 in Shibuya, and this slightly more mature gyaru brand never fails to impress me with their interesting takes on mainstream trends.

Red was a huge colour trend in gyaru fashion this winter, and was seen everywhere from lipstick to bowler hats. Personally, I love it! Red lipstick in particular seems to directly oppose the nude lip that’s most common in gyaru fashion, but I think it makes for a fantastic contrast and adds a vintage feel to any outfit,  particularly with the ‘ladylike’ look of many brands at the moment. Dilga have created a gorgeous high fashion look for their winter collection, with a strong red shining throughout.

I feel as through gyaru has been undergoing a change over the past year or so; as with lolita, the gaps between styles within the fashion styles have been widening. Lolita has gone from being mostly a bit gothic, to a huge divide between styles such as gothic, classic and sweet, and gyaru seems to be going the same way – elegant Emoda mode, youthful and colourful Coco Lulu, and even agejo favourite MA*RS. I think it’s fantastic that there’s so much diversity within fashion subcultures such as gyaru – there’s something for everyone, and hopefully some Dilga for me…

I’ll have the red leather gloves, thank you…

Love this shot! It’s something I’d expect from a high fashion editorial rather than a 109 brand.

Oh, and I’ll take the red biker/riders jacket too!

Bowler hats and harem pants aren’t a natural combination, but this has really grown on me.

Probably my favourite look: ankle boots, leopard coat, red lips and victory rolls – gyaru goes vintage!

A few items from the 109 webstore – another Union Jack!

Dilga shop staff doing a great job of representing their brand.

See more from Dilga at the homepage


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6 Responses to I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold Dilga…

  1. Lyuba-chan says:

    I’ll take the scharf, gloves and the purse from the 1st look and the belts 🙂

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  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Lovely, aren’t they? You really suit red! 🙂


  4. Red! I love red! And I love colors omg. I love the clothes here but you either have to be super color gal or super black and white gal sometimes. I pulled out some of my new gets the other day and Kenjer said ‘they all look the same’ sobbing. White and sparkly. Thank goodness I have lots of pink to throw in via scarf, accessories, ribbons.

    These photos are beautiful.

  5. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Haha, poor Kenjer! I think Samuel is secretly glad we pretty much share a wardrobe and both wear a lot of black – he can borrow all my clothes! 😉

    I love colours too (inspiration post coming soon!), but eh… I never wear them! Red looks fab on so many people though, love it.

    Looking forward to seeing very sparkly outfits from you!


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