Can you believe it’s been a couple of months since I featured a gyaru fashion collection? I think I got a bit over-excited when the new spring/summer clothes started showing up and wrote about everything in advance, and of course now we’re looking at this winter’s trends on the catwalk – the perils of fashion! Always a step ahead!

Anyway, let’s take a little look at Golds Infinity today. In my own head, I kind of divide gyaru fashion into ‘traditional‘ (ie; MA*RS, Dia, Golds, etc) and ‘trend‘ (ie; Liz Lisa, Gilfy, Emoda, etc) as certain brands have stayed closer to the mid-2000s gyaru look (big hair, short shorts, bling) more than others that choose to follow often foreign-led trends (mode style, blogger style, girly/retro/rock/vintage) – this may be over-simplistic for some, and there’s way more grey areas, but you get the idea. Now, there’s nowt wrong with either traditional or trend, but it’s fair to say that Golds Infinity is firmly on the trad side and no doubt appeals to those who like their gyaru with plenty of attitude, leopard print and lace. I for one would love to see a proper filthy street gyaru revival: silver hair, dark tans, the full works. Amazing. In the mean time…

Get gorgeous with Gold Infinity!

To start with, Ageha magazine styling tie-ins. It’s interesting to note the comparatively natural make-up and more relaxed hair despite the influence of Ageha. Maybe it’s because I always associate Ageha with the biggest eyes and most intricate hair!

Black and white; dolman sleeves and frills.

Love the red hat! Oh, and the amazing sheer top/dress – I always think of agejo styles with that kind of tight banded bottom to a looser top.

The pink and black dress is so freakishly cute, and I might have to tie a bow around my thigh! (Actually, maybe not if it highlights the chunkiness, ha!)

Styling from the rather flashy site. I won’t bother to translate the text if you don’t mind – it’s all the usual guff about increasing your femininity and mixing it up with flared and tight styles. Japanese text like this always looks cool and mysterious until you know what it says. Major let-down.

Leg warmers and arm warmers may be over-egging it, but I’m sure there’s some happy teen goths somewhere.

I quite like this dishevelled princess look!

Digging the ethnic fringing on the huge sleeves of this dress (more of a top than a dress on me, I think!), the little gold chain, and flash of red on the bracelet.

Really really really love the jeans/jeggings/paggins! Oh, for a smaller rear…

So many gold bangles all these shots! The choker pops up a few times too…

I think the red lipstick really compliments this style – Golds goes Paris!

On the wishlist: this black lace trenchcoat.

Spring = florals. Even for bad girls.

Okay, this is technically a top… I do love the garter chain!

And finally, a Golds style classic. Monotone, lace, gold chain details, flared sleeves.

Despite my brain automatically screaming polyester!!! at me whenever I look in the direction of Golds Infinity (lolita fashion taught me all about questionable fabric and lace choices) and it practically being the polar opposite of my own personal style (case in point: today I’m wearing a holey vintage t-shirt, pirate boots and lots of tatty colourful friendship bracelets), I genuinely have a real soft spot for Golds Infinity and their trad-gyaru brand mates. Maybe it’s the inherent feminist statement that comes with accepting and relishing your sexuality to an almost uncomfortable level, but I’ve always found it rather powerful. More power! More gyaru!

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4 Responses to Golds Infinity – and beyond!

  1. Tori says:

    Really digging the website looks ♥ Those lace-up pockets leggings/pants are amazinggg~

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Hi Tori!

    Oh, I love them! I have no idea how I’d fit them into my current wardrobe or if I’d actually fit in them, but I can dream! 😉


  3. brad-t says:

    “Maybe it’s the inherent feminist statement that comes with accepting and relishing your sexuality to an almost uncomfortable level, but I’ve always found it rather powerful.”

    Very interesting statement. I consider myself a feminist myself and I never considered this type of styling as feminist. …

    That said, I agree with you that these clothes often look really cheap in a bad way. It’s not really due to the fact that it’s polyester; lots of Japanese higher-end brands use polyester to great effect. Not all polyester is created equal though, and this stuff is not the same as the stuff used in a shirt from 5351, for example.

  4. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Perhaps not so much in the West, but in the context of Japan I do see gyaru (and lolita too) as being strong fashion-led statements that marginalise the wearer from mainstream society.

    Haha, I do love a bit of high-end polyester! 😉


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