(It has taken more than a small amount of self-control not to title this something like “Gomme with the Wind“.  Please appreciate it.)

Gomme is one of those shops that I always walk past and then really regret and have to backtrack and have a good old mooch around inside, and with concessions in both Harajuku’s La Foret and Shibuya’s Parco that’s quite a lot of backtracking…

I think what I really like about Gomme is how natural the style feels. There’s quite a strong image of this kind of inherent style that will always be part of Japanese fashion: oversize outers, cropped trousers, tartan, wide-leg trousers and balloon skirts. To me, these individual pieces have been seen in Japanese fashion for almost as long as I can remember, and it’s down to brands like Gomme who keep the look both fresh and relevant in today’s vast fashion marketplace.

In this current collection Gomme have created two catalogues; boyish and girly style, and while they may be artificially separated there’s still enough of a crossover to happily flit between the two in terms of styling (and prospective purchases.) I’m really in love with all the oversize shapes and drapes, as well as the darker colour scheme. While I’m not sure I could confidently wear the exaggerated jodhpurs (shalwar pants, maybe?!) as I’m conscious enough of my hips, the overall long lines and layers more than make up for it. The theme for this season is ‘warmtech’, and while I’m happily head-to-toe in heat-tech while these freezing temperatures are set to continue, I think the layering concept of warmtech is a great one, and certainly slots nicely into current Japanese fashion and energy-conscious thinking.

I really like how the Eiffel Tower echoes the silhouette.

Rather fancy architecture from the catalogue.

Such a great print.

Oh, the boots! I tried on the black pair and fell in love, but my instep is too high to wear them comfortably and not rub on my foot tattoos. I might have to get some creepers just to make up for this crushing disappointment…

Printed tights are really popular in Tokyo this winter, and I love Gomme’s muted images.

Lovely mix of prints.

Last but not least: one of my favourite outfits from the collection.

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6 Responses to Gomme Winter Collection 2012

  1. Laura says:

    I wish I had heard of this brand before, thank you again for introducing something new and so CUTE!
    Gomme seems like the more mature/expensive version of Monomania, I guess :3
    It looks so simple at first but the details and prints are so cute 8)

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Laura – Thanks very much, glad you liked it! Funnily enough we’re featuring Monomania tomorrow… 😉

  3. amylu7 says:

    Do you know what their website is? I tried googling it but couldn’t find it. I got a hoodie from them a few years ago but curious to see their s/s collection. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ amylu7 – Hi Amy, thanks for getting in touch!

    Here’s Gomme’s homepage – enjoy! 🙂

  5. amylu7 says:

    @Rebecca: Thank you! 🙂

  6. Shirley Gusawir says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am going to Osaka on Thurs 08-Jan-2025. May I know if i cN find Gomme in Osaka? If yes, may I have the address?

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