I read a hilarious survey the other day about fashion faux-pas in hot weather – wearing an all-black outfit was high up on the list! Goths of the world, how do you cope in the heat? Japan’s dark denizens have the answer…

Gramm is one of millions of off-shoot mini-brands from h.Naoto (you can find Gramm in many h.Naoto stores); less deconstructed punk, more girly elegance. I’m not complaining, I love the signature detailed prints and cut, and the soft layers that would work wonders in edgier lolita and even mori styles.

I think all-white (shiroi) gothic-influenced outfits are a great change from more common colour schemes. Don’t get me wrong, you’d have to pry my black clothes from my cold dead hands to get me out of them, but if you’re in the mood for expressing yourself to be like a pale wilted rose, then take a chance on white for once! I’d really love to see some of this collection mixed with vintage pieces – viva la dolly-kei revolution!


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One Response to Gramm: Not the Opposite of Gothic

  1. Lisa says:

    I realise I’m late in posting a comment on this… but… I’m trying to figure out how I missed this one of h.Naoto’s offshoots! o.O Whatever, suits me fine with more variety – will have to go have a gander in the coming weeks. Am I have to be super well-educated by nextnext Sat… 😉
    *trying to be all secretive and failing*

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