In the midst of the iconic La Foret department store in Harajuku there is a shop. The shop is GR8. The theme is… great.

I love a good select or zakka goods shop, oh yes! The concept behind GR8 is pretty simple – it’s just a load of really cool stuff all in one place. You’ll get imported bags and shoes next to knick-knacks and junk jewellery and t-shirts with incomprehensible slogans. Fantastic. Now, Village Vanguard this isn’t, so expect the aforementioned homeware and bits & bobs to be a little more on the pricey side. However, what are paying a little extra for here is the eye that’s selected the items, and of course being able to find everything in one store. Be warned though, you might find that you come away with a miniature replica pink statue of Elvis and some sunglasses that looked so great in the shop but are possibly unwearable in real life unless you’re channelling Lady Gaga on your way around the supermarket.

Read on for more shiny kitsch goodies…

New Year lucky pack! No idea what was in this, but I’m sure it was fab.

Hello yes, I would like a limited edition GR8 rabbit. I don’t know why.

It’s a bag! It’s a shoe!

Neon fox tails & a-mazing glasses…

GR8 kind of reminds me a bit of certain places in Shoreditch in London; that kind of ‘new media’ nu-nerd that probably wouldn’t be out of place in the exceptional series Nathan Barley (watch it, you really should!). This of course isn’t to their detriment – GR8 do it best, and know their target market pretty damn well too. It’s well worth a look in if you’re in La Foret – just follow the bright lights and loud music, and you can’t help but be drawn into the GR8 world. Believe me, I’ve got an orange rhinestoned Jesus to prove it.

See more from the amazing GR8 at their homepage


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