In something of a dream come true for me, Spur Magazine have managed to unite the genius behind Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Araki Hirohiko, and Gucci to celebrate their 30th and 90th anniversaries respectively.  If you are not familiar with the world of Araki Hirohiko then this might seem a slightly unlikely decision to mark such a high profile anniversary of a foreign brand with a Japanese manga writer, but for those who have seen his work it should be patently obvious.  Not only is his work full of incredibly fashionable characters, but he has even named his characters after famous fashion designers in the past (including Gucci).  For his part of the collaboration he has written an original story for Spur Magazine full of references to the history of Gucci and where the characters are decked out head to toe in A/W 2011-12 Gucci.  Take the following image from the Spur Manga for example:

Which features a good number of the following items:

Araki Hirohiko has managed to fit the collection very neatly around his own aesthetic, mostly because his rich dynamic style isn’t that far off the carefully lit dynamism of a Gucci runway in the first place.

For your viewing pleasure I have put together some more comparisons of the manga with reality:


And one more:

Personally I think he has done a fantastic job of converting Gucci to his own unique world of distorted perspectives and proportions and somehow managing to make Gucci even more glamorous than it is in reality.  Jojo nerds like me will also notice the serendipitous use of the double “G” logo that echoes part 5 of the Jojo story which just so happens to be set in Italy where “Jojo” is renamed “GioGio” (maybe that is just one for the fans to enjoy – sorry!).

Anyway, I think we can all enjoy some selected pages from the manga produced for Spur, enjoy playing “spot the Gucci”!

If you want to see more then you will have to run off and pick up the October issue of Spur which is confusingly in shops right now.  Hopefully, I have also managed to convince you that the manga is worth your time as well and don’t forget that he has also collaborated with Ultra Violence for a Jojo themed clothing line if you fancy declaring your interests sartorially.

As for me I will continue stomping around in my spurs in a homage to Gyro Zeppeli from Steel Ball Run and I just hope that someday Araki Hirohiko’s designs are realised in fashion someday soon.

To be Continued …

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16 Responses to Gucci 90th Anniversary X Hirohiko Araki 30th Anniversary

  1. Gervin says:

    This is amazing! So beautiful. I saw this last saturday in Shinjuku and every passer would stop and take pictures of the Gucci x Araki x Spur window.

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  4. Samuel says:

    @ Gervin,

    Glad you liked it, I am afraid I have to confess to being a serious Jojo fan and given the sales numbers for anything Araki Hirohiko touches I must not be alone!


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