Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets held back on releasing their A/W 2011-12 look-book for couple of weeks longer than a lot of the other JFW brands.  Maybe they felt that their glitzy glamourous collection was at odds with the mood of Japan at the time, or maybe they were devoting their energy elsewhere, such as their stunning showing at the Runway for Japan at Bunka Fashion College.  Either way I am delighted to see it now and it has most definitely been worth the wait.

The collection is themed on the tiger, so expect a variety of fur effects and prints, but the collection also aludes to a darker more aggressive style than previous seasons.  Continue reading for the men’s and women’s collections side by side, and more downright sexy glamour than is possible to take in in a single sitting.

The base colour for the collection is different textures and tones of black, the over-riding silhouette is tight and tucked in and the detailing mostly military.  Classic Tokyo street fashion then, but by virtue of the extroverts at Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets there is a lot of flair to get excited about:

Very subtle animal print on the leggings here,

And not so subtle!  Love it.

The collection has a very young femininity too it, but never enters too far into the girly territory of 109.

Love the dark check here as well as the gorgeous cuff details and military arm banding.  With this on your back you are going to look the king of the streets from the depths of Shinjuku to the bars of Ginza.

Lovely tweed, again with those lovely foppish cuffs.

And the women don’t get left out in the tweed department either.

Very much approve of the textured skull.  And surprisingly those floral shorts (never thought I would say that after seeing far too many of them this S/S season).

Gut’s always does satin very well indeed and it is those subtle but noticeable differences in quality that elevate this above the usual standard on the streets of Shibuya.

Simply fabulous.

You can never be too shiny…

Even though this is fundamentally a suit, there is so much potential for movement here and it is a shame we did not get a chance to see it sent down a catwalk in March.

Words might well have failed me.

Great to see Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets getting a chance to create the kind of luxurious flamboyant excess they have always done so well alongside the practical street wear.

Overall I think that in this season more than even Gut’s are filling a gaping hole in the Japanese market to take the glamour prevalent in lower street fashion to a really high-level place without losing any of the fun in the process.  Too often you see brands stripping back on the relentless detail found in cheaper brands in the belief that it is that which makes them look cheap.  Well guess what, if you do the excessive detailing well it does stand up to scrutiny.

When I saw the austere colour palette for this collection I was concerned that some of the Gut’s glam had been lost somewhere along the way, but you only have to look into the details to see that it is all present and correct.  If anything they have marked themselves out as being that little bit more aggressive this coming season and it is a credible rock look that I could see many of Tokyo’s finest sporting later this year.  Very impressive indeed.

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2 Responses to Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets A/W 11-12 Tora Tora

  1. Yume says:

    Oh my! Everything is soo amazing. I want it all!

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Don’t blame you! Shame it is just so hard to buy it online…


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