GVGV‘s lookbook collection for this winter has got me wishing away the summer months more than usual this year.

This autumn/winter season centres on the theme ‘youth cult‘, and there’s plenty to inspire some teenage dreams. I personally find this collection theme quite a prescient one, as I’ve become more interested (obsessed) with youth fashion of late, and revisiting my own style from the past. There are hardly any photos of me after the tender age of three, so I’m mostly having to struggle to remember what I was wearing twelve years ago, and using wishful thinking to fill in the blanks. Ha.

I think what I miss most about a teenager (aside from being cripplingly social awkward and all the other cliches) is the intensity of feeling that goes hand in hand with the pre-adult-post-child mind. You either hate it so much you want it erased from the face of the earth, or you love it so much that it undoubtedly will change your life forever. I guess Japan fell in the latter camp for me. I also miss being utterly fearless about what I was wearing – even though this lead to more than a few fashion disasters. I have fond memories of shaving off half my hair (now it’s fashionable!) and wearing some pretty outlandish platform boots too. I did what I wanted to do, and I wore what I wanted to wear. I’d like that confidence back, please.

There’s a gorgeous wearable quality to GVGV’s latest, and the styling is spot on. I’m proud to display my English roots, so I can’t help but fall head-over-heels for the inherently British elements that form a substantial part of the look. What else should Britain be proud of, you ask? The way we love to undermine popular society, of course! Keep an eye out for punk touches and some remixed looks too…


Green with envy over that fabulous coat. Onwards for more…

The shoes! Leopard and tartan! Tweed! Ankle socks! The shoes! The shoes! The sh- oh, you get it.

Great way of incorporating the summer-favourite boater hat into a winter outfit.

Despite the leather shirt, still looking quite prim & proper.

Love the patchwork skirt and sukajyan combination – will have to pair my own jacket with a maxi skirt!

A touch more on the alternative side. The right-hand jacket is a collaboration with Tokyo Telephone favourite Black Means.

At first glance, GVGV’s collection looks like certain street styles that have been doing the rounds in popular Japanese fashion magazines. Then when you actually think about, no one’s really dressing like this right now. It’s an evolution, and a fantastic one at that. Let’s hear it for the evolving, revolting youth cult one more time…

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