Yes folks, it’s true: paisley just got cool. Again.

I was really looking forward to seeing GVGV’s latest collection, not only because they’re one of my favourite Japanese brands, but also because they were holding the runway show at a very unlikely location: a parking lot just under Tokyo Tower. It was pouring with rain, and having just drunk the worst cup of tea in Tokyo (thanks!), I can’t say that I was relishing the prospect of spending an hour or so in a freezing cold car park – ah, the glamour of fashion! On entering I was actually pleasantly surprised, the amount of people packed in kept the temperature up, and the concrete catwalk was covered in glitter, a lovely touch that hinted at things to come (after the show, there was a huge glitter trail leading back to the train station from where we’d all stepped in it to leave…).

We’re just into April now, and the weather here in Tokyo is still a bit rubbish (although I’m told that the peak time for cherry blossom will be this weekend – exciting!), so it does feel quite appropriate to be looking at winter clothes today. It’s vests and hot drinks at Telephone Towers, and now I’m dreaming of Christmas and glitter and sequins and paisley and Brit-pop songs by Suede…

So what did that fashion genius MUG have to show us? Plenty of paisley, that’s what! There’s a bit of a mish-mash of retro styles here, which follows on very nicely from last season’s 50s ice-cream colours and tropical patterns. GVGV have moved things on slightly by contrasting masculine cuts and feminine textures and prints, and the result is characteristic of GVGV: glam and chic, just like the title of the collection. I particularly liked the stunning aubergine (eggplant to those across the ocean) leather, peplum skirts, electric blue flock trousers and the lovely little glittery mini bags mounted on waist belts that some of the models wore – pretty much guaranteed to be all over Tokyo next season – here’s hoping I can get mitts on one too!

We used to have a sofa this colour in the former Telephone Towers.

Check out the collar on the right – wonderful, where’s my scissors?

It doesn’t get more uber-glam than gold platform boots.

Stunning suits.

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