Yes, we’re still working our way through our Japan Fashion Week/Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo coverage – there’s just so much to talk about and only twenty-four hours in the day, plus all the new releases and events… I think I’m feeling happily snowed under!

Right, so, moving on to GVGV: undoubtedly one of our fashion week highlights (but wasn’t everything?!). GVGV really captured a fresh spring summer look with this latest collection. Parading down the catwalk to bright coloured lights and toe-tapping rock n’ roll came models decked out in fine retro-influenced styles. I admit that I would quite like to ban the faux-retro look entirely, but this was less peter pan collars and more peplums: the Hawaiian-loving 1950s have returned at long last!

I think what really appealed to me here was the mix of colours and patterns. Mint green, pastel shades and ice-cream colours are nothing really new, but what felt fresh here was the impeccable styling and the edge that 1950’s glamour brought to the show. I’m really in love with the clash of patterns here, not something I’m brave enough to do myself, but in these deliciously old-fashioned diner fries-and-shakes shades somehow palm leaves and leopard print managed not to look too much like a bad repro-costume. There was plenty of detail too, from sheer fabric sections, to tiny cut-outs and artistic seams.

So how to get the hip cat look according to GVGV? Cats-eye shades are a must, as well as high-waisted trousers, riders jackets, flared skirts and bikinis. Let me pin up my fringe, and I’ll be right with you, daddy-o!

The print, the shoes… dribble.

LOVE the riders jacket! Caramel ice-cream colour too, yum.

A little touch of lilac, paired with a bold print and a sheer underskirt. Hot dog!

I really like the combination of cropped t-shirt with high-waisted short trousers and wedge shoes.

Time for cocktails with too much fruit and lots of little umbrellas.

I have to say that this whole collection gets a round of applause from me, I’m really taken with it. I know a couple of other brands have looked at something a little similar, but unlike some (Prada SS ’12, anyone? No, me neither!) there’s less cliches and more fundamentally good design. Keep your eye on this look: I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two of the mode gal brands will be inspired by GVGV in the coming year – what do you think? More importantly, would the Yoyogi Park weekend greasers approve?!

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