If there is any trend that best sums up Gyaru-O fashion 2010 it has to be the boom in drapes.  Since I first saw Fuga’s take on a leather cape earlier in the year I have been keeping an eye on the trend and I think that finally in the spring/summer collections it has finally come of age into a fully formed look.

This is Buffalo Bobs take on the look and I think it is great.  Cool enough for the summer days and the drapes can always be tied up like a scarf in the evening.  Plus, a good versatile draped gilet as in the picture above can be used throughout the year as just another light layer in an outfit for a cool cloak-like effect in any outift.  I recently wore a similar cloak from Evolution (Magic Cinq) with a leather jacket for a flight and it gave a slightly disheveled post-apocalyptic look to the outfit.  In short, I reckon a good drape is a solid fashion investment for all year round.  My only concern is that if you wear chunky belt buckles and wallet chain belt loops (as I do) you will have to get an open fronted one, come to think of it it can’t be too long at the back either or it will interfere with a long biker wallet.  Hmmm, so long at the sides it is then!

My only other concern with the draped look is that it can be very easy for you to lose your tight silouette in favour of a loose one as Fuga’s latest coordinates show:

Not really my cup of tea, a bit too close to Salon Visual-kei for my liking and plus I always like a really tight tucked in leg shape and waist.  Still, I am glad that current 109-2 fashion has so much diversity, it is always great to see variety in fashion even if you only end up taking a flavor of the current trends.   It is without a doubt always good idea to challenge a new look and not get stuck in a fashion rut.


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