One trend that is very much emphasized in shops of 109-2 Shibuya, but not quite apparent on the streets of Tokyo is for tailored suit jackets with half-length sleeves.  At first my reaction was the obvious comparisons to Duran Duran, but they kinda grew on me after a while.  I think when confronted with something new, or at the very least a style associated with a less than great period in the history of fashion, it just takes a little while before it sinks in and you are ready to get involved.  Here’s to reclaiming this look from the 80s!

So basically you have a standard suit jacket, but with half-cut sleeves – close up:

This one is from Buffalo Bobs’ new crystal range and comes in at the premium price of 24000 yen.  To be honest I would recommend getting a much cheaper one from someone like Rhydeal – where you can get one for around the 8500 mark.  Don’t get me wrong, Buffalo Bobs do suit jackets damn well, but I can’t help but feel that for an obvious trend like this (that I have not really seen on the streets yet) it might be better to dip your toe rather than jump in with an investment piece.  Still, short sleeves are perfect for end Spring/Summer in Japan, but beyond those couple of months these jackets are not going to see much action.  In the heart of the summer you are going to be better of with a nice waistcoat for a smart suit look, so I am not seeing this as a particularly practical look.  Good on Buffalo Bobs for bringing something new to the suit world (they claim to have premiered this look) and I can definately see this being popular in hot host clubs.


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