Another new Japanese fashion brand making it’s début here at Tokyo Telephone – get ready for Gyda!

The concept behind Gyda as stated on their homepage is “We will make you sexy hot mama with the items that is simple and body concious… But still be funky with all the catchy bling bling…” so, um, make of that what you can! What I will say is that Gyda, produced by Yuria Kushido, has quite a distinct identity in a ShibuHara kind of way – part gyaru, part rock, part street; it’s an interesting cross-section of influences that does well not to alienate any particular fashion subculture too much. Gyda presents an interesting side-ways take on mixing trends: after all, mixing up fashion is a huge part of the Japanese fashion experience, something we tend to forget when viewing a niche style on the internet, don’t you think?

Read on for Gyda’s spring summer 2011 collection

For the most part, Gyda seem to either be bucking the main trends (floral, mature, 70s, vintage, girly) that have come to represent this season (and let’s face it: pretty much every spring/summer) or put their own take on it – rather refreshing after you’ve seen fifteen pairs of denim shorts and at least five hundred white blouses…

Pumpkin shorts & polka dots – but totally different to these trends as seen on fellow Mark Styler’s Dazzlin! A gorgeous adult rock look too – sheer fabric & paired with tight leather-like trouser is a total winner in my book. Phwoar…

Nice little nod to military here – I particularly like the stud detailing on the exposed inner pockets of the shorts.

I really love the sheer knit long cardigan – gotta get one! (Sidenote: Gyda are pretty reasonably priced too)

Wow, what a great splash of colour and so unexpected! There’s a Barbie-like feeling to these two outfits, I think it must be the pink/white/blue combination.

A few picks from the Gyda webstore:

You can’t go wrong with a rider’s jacket, especially not a pink one! A preppy jumper with an ironic slogan: “all the cool kids go to rehab” – I’m afraid I wouldn’t know about that!

And now for my two favourites: “fuck the fuckers” as I often mutter to myself when some code falls apart or the kettle wont turn on, and “hang over” – rather self-explanatory, and perfect for those days when a tiny gnome with hobnails boots has decided to live in your brain and use your mouth as a toilet. Not that I’m speaking from experience…

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2 Responses to Gyda: Rock & Engrish

  1. Tori says:

    Wow, I wasn’t really feeling this collection when I first heard about it, but I’m finding myself loving SO many of these pieces XD That pink & blue sheer blouse is a definite must get ♥

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Yes, me too! There aren’t too many stand-out individual pieces, but lots that work well with different styles & wardrobes.
    Such a fab blouse… 🙂


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