I was reminded of haraKIRI the other day thanks to a reader emailing in and asking for jewelry recommendations for those unfortunate enough to suffer from an allergy to silver (thankfully extremely rare).  haraKIRI is one of the few brands in the world to actually make steel jewelry with the same level of detail as in silver – which is unbelievably hard to do, the only other one that comes to mind is Starlingear who makes some of their designs in aluminum.  Anyway, more on that later, for now I thought I would give a good run-down on haraKIRI in general who are after-all a key-player in the Japanese silver scene and also (unfortunately) one of most copied.  Maybe that is mainly because they stick to a handful of key designs, but the designer can always be relied on to find new ways of interpreting those few designs, so over time you really feel that he has pushed the design process to its logical conclusion and managed to perfect his skulls and snakes.

This is the classic haraKIRI skull in large with a bronze finish.  Continue reading for a whole lot more that should appeal to extravagant and minimalist tastes alike.

The other thing that haraKIRI is famous for is doing a hell of a lot of film collaborations including Terminator, Machine Gun Girl, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Indiana Jones and many more, rivaling even jap-inc!

For now, lets have a look at the rings:

Heavily tarnished brass with engraving.

Half sterling silver and half copper.  This was the design that first won me over to the brand back when they had only just started out.

Oneechanbara collaboration ring.

And a nice rough panther ring.

On to the bracelets which also showcase the nice variety of finishes and materials haraKIRI is now famous for.

Really like haraKIRI’s subtle Japanese crests next to the anchor links.

Note the evolution of the crest with the skulls – very cool.

Proof that he can polish things up to that classic mirror finish when he wants to.  I don’t know about you but these days I much prefer the darker finishes -shiny silver can seem like a bit of a cliche in certain fashion circles.  Either way, I thought I would finish with a look at some of the slightly unusual pieces haraKIRI offers, but do rest assured there are a huge amount more traditional skull rings and classic bracelets out there.

Very cool lighter with finger hole for use with a holster.

A non-traditional approach to the biker wallet.

Could not resist this.  Amazingly heavy duty wallet chain.

Check out the detail on the top ring – beautiful.

Another great wallet.  Nice to see someone doing different things with biker wallets which have been pretty much unchanged since the 80s.

Again, an innovative shape with the belt loop.  I know this might not feel like a wind-tunnel of change, but when you have been in biker jewelry as long as I have, it is nice to see people deviate from the norm.

All of haraKIRI’s work is surprisingly minimal but with volume.  I suppose it comes down to a balance of proportions – either way, I am a fan and this is the kind of timeless work you can invest in.

And finally – stainless steel style biker jewelry produced under the sub-brand Perry:

The black patina is chemically created on the surface of the steel.  But otherwise this is cast steel.  Very impressive and with an ambiance all its own.

Needless to say there is a homepage and a shop if you are hungry for more – I know I am…


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2 Responses to haraKIRI – Bleeding Edge Silver

  1. ig says:

    I have fond memories of my translation work for haraKIRI in Tokyo and loved their rings and other accessories (a great gift for guys, I think 🙂 )

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Very cool indeed, and yes I can confirm that as a guy I would be made up to get given something like this!

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