When the charming hand-made invite from Harukakimie dropped into our letterbox I immediately circled the date on our (Maru the cat) calendar and began counting down the days. I’m a huge fan of the wonderfully whimsical style, and was so happy to discover Harukakimie at roomsLink almsot a year ago – how time flies!

Harukakimie is one of the best examples of contemporary Japanese street fashion: appealing to huge numbers of fashion fans who like their clothing layered and lovely, from mori girls to arty-types, with a bit of dolly-kei and Cult Party vintage styles thrown in. It’s a melting pot of different influences and ideas, just like the best bits of Japanese fashion itself. I’m somewhat hesitant to categorise Harukakimie in a blase way and thus confine the brand and designs to one sub-style alone, so perhaps I can just say that if you like Fur-Fur and the staff at Kinji and The Virgin Mary, then you’ll hopefully fall for Harukakimie as hard as I have. Wear with a flowered head-dress and plenty of orange blush high on the cheeks for that neo-vintage look and you’ll be the talk of the town…

This collection features even more design details and extras as you’d hope for from the brand that brought us darling clothes with wings last time, and it seems that this winter is going to be a romantic one. Dresses, cardigans and even a couple of pairs of shorts were crammed with pleated layers of fabric, ribbons and extra panels of lace. Printed fabrics also played their part with tiny people cavorting in the rain with flowers and rabbits for company. We weren’t the only people there at the time of taking these photos – I had to strategically time this to not get in the way of excited girls with grabby-hands itching to get hold of new treasures.

I love this dress – there’s so much detail I could stare for hours!

Shorts and skirts to wear while dreaming of woodland adventures.

The extra lace bib is proper genius. (Excited fawning from your writer/photographer…)

The stronger pinks really bring out the softer colours.

Hand-stitching and frayed hems.

Stunning colour combination.

And finally: Samuel looking slightly out of his depth!

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One Response to Harukakimie Fashion Exhibition – Layers of Love

  1. Charlotron says:

    Before I even scrolled down and saw your comment, I was thinking the same about the bib! Having a sheer layer over the ruffles works so well. All of these pieces are just lovely, and really inspiring.

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