There are precious few things that can make a casual street fashion brand stand out in their debut collection, luckily for HEADL_INER their designer just so happens to be Yoshida Roberto one of the founders of Roen, arguably  the biggest force in luxury street fashion.  Thanks to that the lions share of the elite Tokyo select shops have already announced that they are going to be stocking it and the international scene is surely not far behind.  However, HEADL_INER weren’t taking any chances on not making a splash and enlisted the help of Ryujin Mabuya (The Kamen Rider of Okinawa) to spice up the catwalk show.  It seems that Japan needs its heroes now more than ever.

Continue reading for more comic book inspired shenanigans and some of the most solid street-wear to come on to my radar in a long time.

Compared to Roen both the pricing and the clothes are more down to earth but not without flair.  Enjoy:

Carnage on the catwalk!

I know that the styling and rock flavor of the show isn’t massively progressive, but that is hardly the point – these are design classics done right, wearable throughout the globe and down-right cool.  This is for graduates from the school of 109 Mens or those who just generally want something that little bit better, made with a painstaking quality of finish and attention to detail.

Next year HEADL_INER will be showing in Milan over holding their main show as part of Tokyo Collection Week, however given their presence at a number of events in Japan, including Tokyo Girls Collection, I doubt they will shift their focus too much from Japan.  This is the same strategy that has worked wonders for Mastermind, Roen and Roar in the past so it is no surprise to see HEADL_INER following the trend – it seems that even now an international appearance is the most attractive thing to the Japanese consumer.

I really didn’t know what to expect of this brand and I am glad they have gone down the path they have.  I think it is important to recognize that what makes Japanese street fashion so great is not necessarily the rare eccentrics, but rather the less noticeable people who walk down the street in an outfit that is completely and utterly flawless.  And if you are after a perfect street ensemble, HEADL_INER will do you very well indeed.

Check out their home page here and I am sure we will hear more from them soon.

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3 Responses to HEADL_INER A/W 2011-12 – My name is…

  1. brad-t says:

    Why is Kamen Rider on the runway?

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    That is 琉神マブヤー , it is a similar show to Kamen Rider, but set in Okinawa. The designer is originally from Okinawa and I guess it echoed the comic book theme that tied the collection together. Either way it was a lot of fun.

  3. brad-t says:

    Ahh that’s awesome. I’m a huge KR fan LOL

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