Headl_iner put on strong show this Tokyo Fashion Week, certainly a bolder one than their debut last fashion week and one that has given us a better idea about what designer Yoshida Roberto sees as the ultimate direction of the brand.  This time Roberto was looking to his Okinawa roots with a collection packed with references to tropical islands, from the splashes of turqoise to feather detailing and of course the leopard print that pervaded almost each and every look, it truly was a collection for the summer but was still just restrained enough for urban wear.  This restraint was granted by the black base and biker influences that are again a big part of the designer’s background.  Fittingly this was also the big reveal of new brand – 56Racing – which will aim to mix motorsports with fashion under Headl_iner’s guidance.

The show sped into action with a succesion of looks swathed in huge amounts of that Tokyo street fashion favorite – leopard print.

When used in isolation like the above, it felt like a refined version of the trend that we have seen come and go over the years, from the higher end in brands like Roen (which the designer of Headl_iner helped create) to the splashes of the stuff that turn up in 109 Mens.

However, the real show stoppers were the gathered ponchos that looked great swishing down the catwalk.  Maybe a little too much for the street, but you could really appreciate the quality of that fabric which bodes well for the smaller touches of it used elsewhere in the collection.

Subtle asymmetry was also a welcome presence on the catwalk and again, served to refine existing elements of this classic street style look rather than re-invent.

Here you can see another side of the tropical theme shining through in that rich turquoise and floral tee.

Classic street style here and no bad thing either – it works, not everything needs messing with.

It was great to see a designer actually using Japanese models on the catwalk, and also not from the usual narrow age group – it all went to show that this kind of classic look pretty much fits anyone flatteringly.

This was from the final 56Racing part of the show heralded by the checkered flag.

Overall it was a slick show, but one that felt like it could have just had a little more dynamism in the presentation to match the scope of the catwalk.  On the other hand, the starkness of the presentation did focus your attention to the detail of the clothes themselves.  Either way it just felt like it needed a little push or flourish to make the show truly memorable.

As for me I am off to the showroom next to check out the collection up close, so stay tuned for more Headl_iner very soon.

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One Response to HEADL_INER S/S 2012 – INSULARHYTHM – with 56Racing

  1. brad-t says:

    “Overall it was a slick show, but one that felt like it could have just had a little more dynamism in the presentation to match the scope of the catwalk.”

    Yeah, I pretty much agree with this. I like it a bit more looking at it now, there’s a few pieces I could see myself wearing, but overall I found it to be a rather one-trick-pony. Black with leopard print. OK, cool, but what else?

    I kind of want to wear a headdress now though.

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