We may have taken a look at Hiro and Juvenile Hall Rollcall’s A/W collections at the Abydos showroom, as well as their current season on sale at Ura-Harajuku’s coolest addition of the last year – Honey’s Dead, but like with Bodysong’s latest work, you really need to see it worn and coordinated to see the big picture.  With both of these brands you have the same kind of oversized shoulders and really low silhouette that is going to be the defining theme of this Autumn / Winter season in Japanese street fashion, but as you shall see the two brands approach it in very different ways.

First up is Juvenile Hall Rollcall’s clean collection, where you can really see his history at Comme Des Garcons and Undercover shining through in intelligent construction and layering.

Karl Marx popping up everywhere this season!

Love the dropped shoulders which is further accentuated by the shift in textile halfway down the outer.

A well integrated skirt always gets my vote in any outfit, especially with the masculine addition of a pocket as in the above.

All the panelling and layering above is just genius – I like how the shirt is actually two different textiles.  As the designer told me in the showroom, the theme of the collection is the moment when LSD kicks in and your perception just starts to shift and everything seems slightly off – hence the slight clash in textiles that you don’t really notice till you have a good look.

As you can see, this jacket has buttons so that you can detach the bottom half and break up the layering if you so choose.

Next up is Hiro’s unisex collection, which is meant to be coordinated the same regardless of gender.

Hiro showing a bit of restraint in the details in this look – but all things are relative!

And I knew he couldn’t last.  Classic Hiro levels of details, prints, patches and treatments.  It is like a graffitied wall coming alive.

This is season Hiro is all about classic horror film imagery – very much approved by us.

Hiro’s main textile which you will see on smaller items like leggings, caps and so on, is this distorted American money print.

But don’t forget how well constructed this is – the above is built like a tank that should withstand anything Tokyo can throw at us this winter.

I think you can tell how much of a fan the pair of us here at Tokyo Telephone are of these two brands.  Needless to say, you really need to go to Honey’s Dead in the heart of Harajuku if you get the chance, and hopefully we will see some kind of a show from these guys soon.

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