I have been sitting on this collection from Hiro for quite some time hoping that there would be more visuals to accompany it, but seeing as we are moments away from the collection turning up in Hiro and Juvenile Hall Rollcall’s shop Honey’s Dead and elsewhere around the country, I thought that there is no time like the present to have a good look at this season.  Those expecting the level of bad-taste skater culture that surrounded his last Anne Frank themed collection are not going to be disappointed, even if his trajectory has shifted targets somewhat towards Christianity in the prints, the sentiment to throw up a healthy middle finger through fashion is well intact, as are the drug references, black metal illustrations and chunky silhouette Harajuku men flock to.

The big theme of the season is Middle Eastern mysticism, something Hiro took the lead on earlier this year and which has since spread like wildfire through the Tokyo underground.

In the way of collaborations this season we have New Era on the hats (sure to be a hit) and English based brand Broga Vidar on the shoes.  The latter comes from two Japanese designers, one of whom was the original founder of the Old Curiosity shop in London, somewhere I was always fond of back in my London days and rest assured that this new line is built to the same hearty standards.

On illustrations we have some familiar faces, as well as Mark Riddick from the USA and friend of the site Kazumichi Maruoka who has painted the denim line with his fittingly grotesque bones.

Here you can see the color-blocked caps and shoes which were looking refreshingly crisp in the usually crusty line-up.

The Middle Eastern vibe goes well with the hermetic imagery, but just like older Undercover collections that used external cultural elements so successfully, the idea is always to create a new culture or fashion tribe rather than to replicate another.

Like Mikio Sakabe, Hiro isn’t afraid of using pastels for men, something infinitely more edgy than any death metal artwork, and I suspect that these patchwork jumpers are going to be a pretty big hit with everyone come Autumn.

Love the year of the snake print on the basics.

Or failing that, these massive tarot cards caught my eye.

As always I have steered away from the most problematic imagery, not because I feel that there is no value in offending people through fashion but rather because people can just repost images out of context these days and without the bad-taste skater culture context some things could be misunderstood.

The key accessory this season is this wool pacifier with razor blades which walks the cutting edge cute line brilliantly.

To see more you go to the Honey’s Dead homepage which has just started to put up some items from this collection for sale.  For the full Hiro experience you will want to pay them an experience in Honey’s Dead, but you can also shop via Parco and I hear from readers of this site that people have been successful in e-mail ordering from abroad.

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