Having been, like so many other shows at the previous Japan Fashion Week, postponed a little due to the events of March Hiroko Koshino‘s collection nonetheless went ahead. A triumph of spirit and determination, models emerged from darkness ( a power saving measure) and stalked down the runway like the rare and exotic creatures that they are.

This season’s collection is titled ‘Mother Earth‘ and seems pretty apt – powerful, colourful and feminine. From elephants to leopard prints to leaf-like details, the organic themes running through the collection were beautifully conceived. Now, I’m not much of an eco-warrior (um, let’s just not mention the carbon implications of the Tokyo-London journeys!), but if you were to find me in wellington boots protesting the decline in the population of the common shrew I like to think that I could wear something by Hiroko Koshino. I don’t know if the name Swampy conjures up the same cultural images as it does in the UK, but this the logical conclusion of Swampy-chic. I think I’m joking here, folks…

Anyway! Cracking on with the show:

Mmm, all black. I love the coat – fastened only the neck. I might have to find a similar long black cloak-esque coat myself!

Tropical colour blocking, with the addition of some elephants. Great take on the huge influx of patterned tights we’ve been seeing for this winter.

Aw, how sweet! (My grandmother’s family came from Burma/Myanmar, so I have lots of elephant-related photos at Telephone Towers.)

This really reminded me of a Georgia O’Keefe-style flower! I remember having to do an art project on her at school, and it was a few years until I realised the symbolism – wow.

Stunning. I think these are amazing drapey-foldey trousers. Love.

I’m just in awe of these beautifully dyed velvets – hubba-hubba!

A riot of animal prints!

Those are some fantastically pointed shoulders.

Feeling a touch more Japanese?

Uh, dribbling…

Sheerness and black and sequins and feathers – a dream come true! (Can I also say how great it is to see Asian models on a catwalk in Japan?)

Drippy-fabulous. Love those tights too, lush.

Ah, my favourite piece – quite different from the start of the show, yet just as eye-catching. I love the contrast between black and white, and the ever-so subtle ink wash in grey. I can see a bird, or a tree, or even a map! What about you?

See more from Hiroko Koshino, as well as previous collections, at the homepage here.

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2 Responses to Hiroko Koshino – Autumn Winter 2011 – Elephants, etc

  1. Gervin says:

    I super love this collection. The pointed power shoulders are awesome. And the animal prints are looooove!!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ Gervin – I’m glad you like it! It’s all fab, isn’t it? 🙂

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