Here’s the second part of our look at some pretty special homes. Here’s where you can find the first part, just in case you missed it, in all it’s pink glory. Amazing stuff, I think you’ll agree.

For the follow up to the part one (as if anything could top the previous one, ha!), I’ve scanned some images from the mook celebrating 15 years of Anna Sui designs in Japan – it’s a pretty great mook as it happens, and the best part for me was the feature on Sui’s home in New York. I love being a bit nosey, and boy does it live up to expectations! I’ve also included a couple of shots of Telephone Towers for those wishing to get a brief look at our humble abode….

Totally jealous. Anna, can I move in too?!

Alas, my ancient scanner can’t do this much justice (forgiveness please; it is nine years old, after all!), but feast your eyes nonetheless:

It’s just so… Anna Sui, isn’t it?

I now want to paint everything black and white.

As promised, a little of the Towers:

We have lots of old things.

A couple of years ago, Samuel was away for far too long and I sat up every night making exceedingly lumpy paper cranes. I never did get the hang of them, but now they’re strung around the Towers.

Maneki-neko! And a bizarre ‘schmoo’ child candle – I like giving weird presents, what can I say?

Kimono fabric that might make a NOMi appearance soon…

Robots and sci-fi and Mishima. There’s a ton of love on that shelf.

I’m not sure what Telephone Towers says about us – probably that we like weird old things, dead stuff and have inherited much of our furniture – but it’s a work in progress. Your room says a lot about you, and right now our is like us – constantly changing.


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One Response to Home is Where the Heart is: Interiors, Two

  1. Leanne says:

    I LOVE black and white in interiors, esp if there’s a pop of colour also – vibrant chartreuse, shocking pink or whatever. I thought I was a maximalist, but Anna Sui’s rooms are a litte busy for me – but you can defo see her style. Wanna see more of your place!

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