Rounding off our coverage of Juvenile Hall Rollcall and Hiro’s S/S 2013 Collection we have the showroom exhibition, which this time comes direct from the savior of Ura-Hara fashion – Honey’s Dead.  It is worth noting that now that Acycle has closed its doors, you really only have Cannabis and Honey’s Dead for real underground menswear in the Harajuku area.  Mercifully they are both cultural forces in their own right and are keeping the scene alive pretty comfortably all by themselves, but you can’t help but hope that the area is crying out for some fresh blood.  At any rate until then we have Honey’s Dead proving that the streets of Harajuku still have the power to produce great fashion in their own isolation.

Before we move on to the exhibition you really must look over the lookbook coverage here and here, as there are some pretty controversial issues raised in these collections that need introducing up front so you don’t think we are being glib.  In the interest of full disclosure we have decided together to remove over half of the Hiro images we were going to use as they could be considered potentially offensive.  Not that it is anything beyond the realms of underground art and pulp publications, but I would not like anything to be replicated on Tumblr outside of this context that could be used against the designers so in lieu of that, you will just have to imagine prints featuring a disemboweled skeletel Hitler whose intestines are used to make a wreath surrounding a decaying swastika.

Obviously that kind of bad taste culture is a big part of these two designers work, but mainly Hiro who in the past had themed collections around self harm featuring dresses adorned with razor blades.  Needless to say if that seems distasteful I would probably advise you navigate away now…

As I said in my discussion of the lookbook, the concept is to place the imagery appropriated by skater, punk and biker culture back in a context where they are still edge, having been diluted to the point where SS imagery can safely appear on a hoodie in 109.

This sweater is probably my favorite item for the collection, the arms are Common Sleeve so can be swapped with compatible items.

The trainers are always a big hit in Harajuku, and this season is no exception.

Likewise Hiro’s bags are likely to turn up on pretty much every street snap site in due course.

It must be noted that Hiro’s denim this year is of particularly high quality and is something the designer wants to push in the future.

There is also a smattering of silver accessories…

And a range of one of a kind remade T-shirts where the lining is actually this years season print so can be worn both ways.

Moving on to Juvenile Hall Rollcall and you have his very rare custom skateboards produced with Gypsy Three Orchestra.

Love these blocks of patterned fabric on his outers.

This heavily pleated coat is an absolute winner as well and is just light enough to be worn in Spring and early Summer, but also large enough to be nicely layered for the winter.

This bright camouflage-esque fabric was another favorite of mine and looked particularly good when layered in the dungarees variation.

Stay tuned for more Tokyo underground fashion coming very soon, but don’t worry we haven’t forgotten about some of the more mainstream shows!

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