It’s not often we at Tokyo Telephone pay attention to what the ‘slebs are wearing, but there are some people you just can’t ignore. Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga has become a regular on the best-/worst-dressed lists, inspired legions of little monsters to dress up and feel good, and of course indulges in a bit of shopping whenever she’s in here in Tokyo – now that’s our cup of tea!

Lady Gaga, in all her multi-coloured shape-shifting glory, is a big supporter of Japan (she recently auctioned off a signed and lipstick-stained teacup which raised over six million yen – don’t think our 100 yen shop mugs would get quite that much… ) as well as Japanese designers, a cause we obviously feel rather strongly about too. Having recently taken Tokyo by storm with sold-out concerts, what better way to go Gaga than to take a look at her favourite designers and boutiques in Tokyo?

Kicking off with Fake Tokyo‘s Candy, stockists of many designers favoured by Lady Gaga, this Shibuya boutique has continued to make a name for itself by promoting it’s unique mix of edgy domestic and international brands, vintage clothing and tons of attitude. In honour of Gaga’s Tokyo travels, this month Candy is holding a pop-up shop for Leslie Kee’s Lady Gaga photo-book – get your paws on badges, tote bags and t-shirts while you can!

One of our long-time favourite designers Christian Dada has been lucky enough to be asked to create several garments for Lady Gaga for both her previous and current tours. Being huge fans of Christian Dada, we were over the moon – and of course slightly jealous – I’m more than a little bit in love with the stunning origami swan dress below, the perfect mix of technical skill and eccentricity:

Where would Lady Gaga be without her shoes? About a foot shorter, probably. Leave it to master mad shoe genius Noritaka Tatehana to add height and impact! I have absolutely no idea how you’d go about walking in these beauties, but thankfully Gaga is a professional – maybe she can give me a few lessons?

Reflective plastic, leather, studs and more wicked shoes: it’s no wonder Lady Gaga has taken a shine to Yuima Nakazato. One of the most exciting young Japanese designers of the moment, we’ll be keeping an eye out for more from Nakazato…

When it comes to avant-garde accessories in Japan, it has to be Joji Kojima. Known for his fantastic jewellery that pushes the boundaries of both art and wearability (there’s not many people that can wear bejewelled face-masks and huge feathered rings on a daily basis), we think that Lady Gaga and Joji Kojima are a match made in fashion heaven.

Loved by everyone from Korean pop-stars to genuine street punks, Dog in Harajuku is not to be missed. Like some kind of perfect representation of the creative chaos that is Japanese fashion, Dog is a must-see – recently we’ve enjoyed Yohan Ku’s light reactive knits and spotted Tokyo’s blue-haired lovely Mademoiselle Yulia in the middle of a photo shoot – Gaga would be in excellent company.

While we’re on the subject of Dog, the newer second location of ‘secret’ Dog in the Kita-Kore building simply has to be on the Lady Gaga list. We’re unashamedly huge fans of the bustling and often bizarre building where almost everything (including the building itself!) has been hand made in this crazy vortex of creative energy.

Perhaps the fashion equivalent of Marmite, whatever your thoughts on the mother monster herself, you’ve got to agree that Gaga’s got excellent taste in Japanese fashion and has done more than any other celebrity to support Japanese fashion – well deserving of our respect.

 (selected images thanks to Fake Tokyo/Candy)

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