Oh, In-Process by Hall Ohara: your name may be a bit of a mouthful but your clothes are well worth savouring. I would say, “savouring like a fine wine” but any wine that’s in my presence for more than five minutes gets drunk pretty quickly, mostly because I am a stranger to fine wine and must therefore avoid that awful meaty aftertaste that comes with cheap wine. Sorry, where was I?

Ah, yes. In-Process! By Hall Ohara! This season’s collection centres around an art deco theme; models’ hair echoed 1920s waves, the colour palette was kept subtle with black contrasted against soft blues and natural shades. While patterns were expertly made use of (and boy, do I love a good pattern!), it was the silhouette that really pushed this collection out of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. By playing with shapes and proportions, Hall & Ohara capture the spirit of youthful rebellion that came to represent much of women’s fashion both in the West and in Japan too. This period in fashion history literally liberated Japanese women from the kimono of their grandmothers and the stiff Victorian & Edwardian dress of their mothers – modern girls (moga) cut their hair and raised their hemlines for the first time, and fashion hasn’t looked back since. In-Process by Hall Ohara have succeeded in furthering this movement – maybe it’s time for fashion to leap forwards again?

Click through for more fashion, and a hommage of my own!

Love: oversize t-shirts & balloon shorts.

Love: loose pleated trousers & bright socks.

Love: flattering V-lines & printed tights.

Love: all this madness. Brilliant.

While we were watching the models walk up and down, I got a bit transfixed by their shoes, a common affliction of mine. So, with a pair of old engineer boots I wanted to revitalise, I painted the toes white as way to walk with In-Process by Hall Ohara wherever I am:

Love ’em!

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