…And here we are, two full months after Fashion Week in Tokyo, and still writing up the amazing shows – and without even touching all the new designers we met! (I actually mistyped shoes instead of shows there, must have footwear on the brain today) Never let it be said that Japan has a dearth of fantastic fashion talent, and I do hope that Tokyo Telephone is evidence of the breadth and depth of both our passion and the scope of fashion creatives here in Japan.

So, without further delay: In-Process by Hall Ohara, one of our fashion week highlights as always. We unfortunately missed out on their superb exhibition and I was kicking myself for our scheduling conflict, but thankfully the catwalk show more than made up for it. Continuing down the art deco road that has served Hall and Ohara very well for the previous season also, this collection centered around art deco themes in America and Europe, particularly the Victorian and Edwardian periods. I find this exploration and re-imagining of art deco styles supremely interesting as art deco borrowed heavily from the East and was no doubt influenced by Japan. Samuel and I have a really wonderful painting of an Edwardian era tourist in Japan in full Japanese dress – I’m sure he thought it was a wheeze! I’m also really interested in the economic background to this era too – the Great Depression started around 1929, which happened to coincide with the popularity of art deco styles and imagery, and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that this has become ever more relevant over the past few years…

The clothing shown on the catwalk was of the high standards I’ve come to expect from In-Process by Hall Ohara – amazing prints, lovely layering, soft dark shades and thoughtful silhouettes. I’m a big fan of ‘larger on top half, tighter on the bottom half’ look (what can I say, my love of inverted triangles is catching up with me), and there’s something of 1980s-era ‘karasu’ fashion image present here that I’m head-over-heels in love with. I’m really excited to see plenty of these items up close when they come in stock for next season. What to wear in Tokyo’s cloying summer heat is always a problem, but I know I’ll be favouring In-Process’ light layers and sweeping shapes!

I’m a sucker for anything with a crown on it.

Lovely prints.

If I grudgingly had to pick favourites…

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