Samuel and I have been even more busy than usual for the past month, and I think it’s high time we’re due a little bit of a chance to relax & kick back with a cup of tea or a bottle of beer (can you guess who drinks what?!).

One of my (almost) hidden gems in Tokyo is Inokashira Park (井の頭恩賜公園). I once met someone who complained that when they’d visited Tokyo they didn’t see a single tree! Now, we all know that not true, Tokyo actually has a great number of parks and public spaces and well as a healthy helping of trees and shrubbery. This vegetation goes wild in spring for the cherry blossom season and in autumn with the changing of the leaves – two of the best times to really appreciate all that greenery!

These are pretty old photos, I think I took them in very early spring when it was still a bit cold and grey but the plum blossom was doing it’s best to flower. One of my favourite ways to de-stress in the city, as well as people watching, is taking a walk. I really love walking in slightly colder weather; I love crispness in the air, and the hush that comes from being in a secluded part of metropolis – unless it’s a weekend when you can expect to do battle with other visitors, young children, couples and musicians! Inokashira Park is in Kichijoji, one of our favourite haunts. So after hunting down a few bargains (a vintage leather Comme des Garcons bag is my greatest find from Kichijoji to date), there’s nothing better than strolling arm in arm amongst the trees…

Hello, yes I would like a view of the park from my apartment!

Stepping stones – I didn’t chance it as I was wearing rather unsuitable footwear that day.

Lovely plum blossom.

I’m feeling nostalgic for colder weather!

Temple dedicated to Benzaiten, the goddess of all that flows: water; knowledge; eloquence; music and more!

Fish! I still get excited about koi, sorry.

Boats for hire. There’s also a petting zoo, and the Ghibli Museum is nearby too (I really should go one day!).

Swans! Swans!

Ha, I love this photo! I might have to rent a swan with Samuel for our anniversary in October – as long as I’m not the one who has to do all of the peddling!


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3 Responses to Inokashira Park Life

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  2. Gem says:

    DO go the Ghibli museum. Tis awesome.

    Inokashira park is beautiful, but then I read the story about how most couples that go there tend to break up as Benzaiten can be a bit of a vengeful bitch 😉

  3. Rebecca says:

    @ Gem – Thanks for the recommendation! I’m only familiar with Totoro though, hahaha…

    Oh, I had no idea about Benzaiten, wow! Thanks for the heads up! 😉

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