Okay, I know it was only a little while ago (last month, maybe?) that I featured Inokashira Park in Tokyo here on Tokyo Telephone… and now I’m back again with a few more photos!

As you’ve no doubt noticed from our frantic late-night tweets and very bleary eyes, it’s been all about fashion week madness this past week, with the joyous/frustrating/amazing spectacle that is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo getting us out of bed in the morning, rushing us around the city and keeping us awake at night. (Oh, and we’ve been moving too!) Thankfully Samuel and I got the chance to take a bit of a break the other day, and we trotted off to one of our favourite relaxing places in Tokyo, Kichijoji.

Even though our favourite second-hand shop totally failed us (horror!!), and Inokashira Park was extremely crowded due to the fair weather we’ve been enjoying, it was genuinely great to just have a couple of hours to ourselves and potter around not worrying about anything in particular. It’s really made us think about where we’re going, what we want to achieve and what’s really important to us. And I was only a bit freaked out by all the huge spiders hiding in the trees…

(I haven’t changed the colours on any of these photos, by the way. I think they’re pretty accurate as they are.)

The glorious sight that greeted us! Kind of like some primeval forrest. In Tokyo.

What you can’t see here are the massive cobwebs between the trees, with ginormous spiders in them! Very glad Samuel was there to protect me from the arachnid threat. Urgh.

Starting to circle the lake – this wonderfully creepy view. Jason Vorhees, is that you?!

Just in case you forgot you were in Japan. The red really stands out amongst the green.

Fountains doing what they do.

I love autumn, and these amazing colours of the trees are just… amazing.

A ceiling of trees and a carpet of bicycles. This gives you an idea of how busy it was!

Just as the sun sets over the park, a swan glides past…

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