We’re just about in the middle of this spring’s Fashion Week here in Tokyo, and what better way to celebrate one of our favourite bi-annual events with a quick look inside the main Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo event spaces at Roppongi’s Midtown?

This Fashion Week has been a bit of an odd one for me – I’ve been struck down with a horrible cold, so I’m not exactly feeling at my best as we run around to an average six shows per day. I’ve got a ton of medicine and vitamin drinks stashed in my giant telephone tote bag, and I’m constantly seeking a cup of tea wherever I go… I think Samuel and I now know the best spots in Midtown for a decent cuppa! Despite all the gross illness that’s plaguing me this time, Fashion Week has yet to disappoint. There’s definitely a different atmosphere now that Mercedes-Benz have taken over the main sponsorship (a subject to return to at length one day), and it’s been a rather breath-taking week so far: thankfully there’s space inside Midtown to flop down and grab a quick coffee…

Coffee and make-up! Hurrah!

The colourful (and loud) Maybelline corner. You’re free to try the make-up for yourself – I declined as I didn’t really relish the thought of infecting Tokyo’s brightest and best with my germs.

Super visuals.

Prize-winner Yuima Nakazato’s display:

Full report coming soon, but in the mean time check out our videos of the show.

Overseeing the crowd of photographers starting to queue up.

A selection of dresses on show from the previous season:

Newcomer Atsushi Nakashima – one of my new ones to watch! Very excited to write a full article on this young designer’s debut collection soon.

Christian Dada – of course we’re really looking forward to the show later today…

Jenny Fax takes it back to school. I got some amazing photos from her installation earlier this week.

Motonari Ono looking rather dark and delicious.

And finally, Somarta doing what Somarta do best.

As always with Fashion Week, Samuel and I are so overjoyed and happy to be here – every invite we receive and every show we attend just makes us more certain that we want to share this fantastic Japanese fashion world with everyone. Stay on the line at Tokyo Telephone over the next few weeks as we’ll be bringing you full-length reviews, photos and exclusive video of the best and most exciting events from Tokyo Fashion Week 2012. 

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4 Responses to Inside Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2012 Collections

  1. Wim's says:

    Hi ! Really like the pics. Is those events open to the public or is it only for pros ?

  2. Sami says:

    I love the packagin for the “baby lips” its super funky 😀

  3. Rebecca says:

    @ Wim’s – Hello! You can go to Tokyo Midtown in Roppongim but yes, I’m afraid you do have to have to be a pro to be inside the Mercedes-Benz area! Sorry!

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Sami – It’s very bright! I’m not so sure about the name though….

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