I’ve been writing up so many autumn/winter collections from fashion brands that my little brain has started to melt! Sometimes there’s only so many furry leg-warmers you can look at… ah, what am I saying? Of course you can never have too much fuzz!

Anyway, as a little change, and inspired by Samuel’s post on interiors, I took a little trip around our humble home with my camera;

(left to right)1st row: camera-shape photo album from Loft containing purikura, in front of Haruki Murakami novels/our souvenir jackets from Ueno/paper cranes, folded when Samuel was away

2nd row: bones & manga pages inside the jewelery cabinet(former 1950s drinks cabinet)/Noah kitty!/wallet chains in different styles, traditional & modern

3rd row: J-music & my collection of hideous deer statues/more paper cranes & jewelery/painting of Miyavi – by teenage Rebecca, age 16! (I still do commission ceramic paintings from time to time)

4th row: inspiration – a very small part of the library/robots & lolitas & fashion magazines/teacup card & 6%Dokidoki flyer from their recent London visit

There we are: the home of the Tokyo Telephone, in twelve images – enough to give you a small snapshot of our lives beyond the laptop.


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3 Responses to Private Number: Inside Tokyo Telephone Towers

  1. brad-t says:

    I clicked all of the thumbnails thinking I was opening up full size photos, only to realize I’d opened the same picture in 12 tabs.


  2. tokyotelephone says:

    I’m far too lazy to code that 😉

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