Late last year Liz Lisa debuted a new brand, Juge Etta… and we’ve only just got around to mentioning it here, sorry about that! I think Fashion Week takes up rather a lot of our time at Tokyo Telephone, and also we’re exploring a really exciting new wave of Akihabara fashion. However, let’s not forget that there’s more to Japanese fashion than underground brands and new-wave styles – as Samuel wrote about before (over a year ago!!), the mainstream is pretty damn fine: nowhere else can you find such quality and downright lovely fashion even at the very base level. Yes, Japanese fashion undoubtedly has its peaks, but the middle ground is well worth paying attention to.

I generally look to Liz Lisa when it comes to highlighting the mainstream trends of any season: they’re such a popular brand that they’re incredibly influential when it comes to both consumers and other smaller fashion labels too. Liz Lisa seems to have the market cornered in young feminine fashion, with Tra La La for younger girls (it always feels like it’s exclusively populated by 13 year old girls) and Liz Lisa Doll and the new beauty products range providing blanket coverage. Juge Etta follows on from these sub-brands, and is aimed at a slightly older target market: 24 to 28 year old women looking for ‘classic’ and ‘elegant’ trendy styles. This reminded me of a cover story from CanCam magazine recently; titled ‘where have all the gals gone?’ (I know, right?), it featured girls transitioning from gyaru to ‘lady-like’ and gave tips on how to create a more mature feminine look. It feels like Liz Lisa have made a smart move (and maybe an investment in CanCam!), as Juge Etta is the perfect example of this new form of ‘mature gal’ that’s being seen more and more around Tokyo.

So what does Juge Etta have to offer us fashion lovers? I hesitate to use my most-loathed phrase ‘retro girly’, but it looks like I’ll have to wheel it out for another season! Juge Etta do a great line in Parisienne-influenced clothing: soft floral dresses, tailored jackets, lacy ankle socks, high-waisted trousers and voluminous blouses. The theme of the latest collection centred around dating, and in the catalogue images we see the epitome of fashionable young woman around the city, in her chic home and looking a little bored at the cinema, all in Liz Lisa-esque patterns and limited colour palettes. This is aspirational style for a whole generation of young women, and it’s just beginning to take hold. I’m really interested to see what happens in the future of this style, how it develops and changes, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on Juge Etta…

A selection from the webstore:

If you’re already a fan of Liz Lisa, what do you think of Juge Etta? Is it hitting the right retro-girly note?

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4 Responses to Introducing Liz Lisa’s new brand: Juge Etta

  1. cassius says:

    I’m really not into the “sweet gal” style, but I like jugeETTA for some reason…
    It’s quite ironic that Rina Carolina, the face of jugeETTA is only 14 (b.1997) even tho the brand is targeted to “older” gals 😀

  2. Rebecca says:

    @ cassius – Thanks for getting in touch! It’s interesting that you say you’re not into ‘sweet gal’ but lie this brand – any particular reason why?

    Whaaat, she’s only 14? Wow. 😮

  3. Leanne says:

    I’m not really into the Liz Lisa girly gal style..but DAYUM! I love those boots! (And i *may* just get back for a flying visit in March!)

  4. Rebecca says:

    @ Leanne – I’m sure you can join me in wishing for everything in black! 😉

    Roll on March! Woo!

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