Today we are very happy to announce the re-launch of NOMI – our personal style blog.  Readers who have been with us since the start of this site only two years ago will have noticed the scope of this site changed hugely over time, we started with coverage of art, our own personal style and even food, but in the last year have found our focus predominantly on fashion.  No bad thing either, best to do one thing relatively well, than everything poorly, and after all, our passion will always be first and foremost on Japanese fashion.

That is why we have decided to re-launch NOMI as a personal site to cover everything that just doesn’t quite have a place on Tokyo Telephone as it stands today.  We hope that it will be a little bit more personal, a bit more objective and means that we can cover fashion collections where you only need a picture or two to get the point across, highlight key items, and not forget that we actually pursue other projects including re-make fashion, carving, not to mention short fiction.

Hopefully NOMI will function as a place for that kind of thing and give you a chance to get to know what goes on behind the scenes as we live our actual lives in Tokyo – trust me, we never stop doing something.  Don’t worry, we are not diverting energy away from this site, it just feels that as this place becomes more and more focused on fashion, that we just needed a place where we could be a bit more personal.

So without further ado, I hope you will join me in checking out NOMI here.  Right now we have a look at the new fashion brand from Yoshida Roberto of HEADL_INER fame, the furniture of Michel Haillard and anything else that has caught our eye over the last 24 hours.  From now on our Tumblr will focus more on inspirations and imagery, our Change Fashion Blog will remain Japanese language specific, and obviously Twitter will tie it all together (and don’t forget out Youtube channel for our personal videos).  If you still want more us, then don’t worry we have a big project about to come to fruition very soon…

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