We’ve been a bit collection-focused here at Tokyo Telephone for the past few months (don’t worry – we’ve got big plans underway…), and the huge variety of Japanese fashion that makes it on to the catwalk is surely cause for celebration: from high fashion, experimental and avant garde, to more mainstream fast-fashion friendly looks like today’s subject, Dazzlin.

Of course I’ve written about Dazzlin before, and long-time readers of Tokyo Telephone will be familiar with this Mark-Styler brand (oh, what I wouldn’t give to know a little more about this company!), and I have to say that yet again, Dazzlin have put one over on me. I was really surprised by the amazing styling for this catwalk collection, as the other brands showing were a little more subdued (reviews coming soon, never fear – we’re still writing up October’s fashion week, though – eep) despite it being the spring summer season.

For the most part, the clothing shown here doesn’t really break any conventions or push any real boundaries, but hey, that’s okay! Made up of pastel shades such as peach, soft grey, mint green, duck-egg blue and shades of light pink, Dazzlin showed some skin in jumpsuits, collared dressed and blouses. One the whole, it’s pretty… well, pretty, and neatly follows on from this winter’s feminine styles – yet again we’re seeing peter pan collars and cardigans, this time in flower print rather than mustard and beige, and also the return of the puffball shorts – the little playsuits are just darling, even though my super-long torso prevents me from even struggling into anything like this.

I really do have to mention the styling here – it’s what first caught my eye and made me want to prioritise writing about Dazzlin – it’s amazing! I’m all for really going for it and putting on a show, so naturally I was really taken with the bearskin-esque Royal Guards hats, the retro sunglasses and the socks-and-sandals look that is universally popular in Japanese fashion. In my opinion, the show was totally stolen by the last few dresses shown at the end: vast Marie Antoinette-like affairs, complete with padded waists, trailing layers and even a contraption that rather reminded me a of a jellyfish. It’s all a bit retro manga, and I’m sure a shojo heroine or two wouldn’t mind getting her mitts on anything from Dazzlin next year…

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