As the rest of 109-2 struggles to re-align itself with changes in Shibuya street fashion, Jackrose has been the one brand to hold on to its core styling.  While they may have lost a couple of rhinestones (as have most of my t-shirts) they are still the Jackrose we know and hopefully love.  I guess the reason for this is that their inspiration has always been a classic biker cool, so as the rest of the brands that used to be associated with Gyaru-O (note how hardly anyone has used that word in the past year) have strived for fashion-forward credibility, Jackrose hasn’t had to budge more than an inch – it was already there.  Whilst I am on the subject, look how toned down and monotone Amekaji surfer Buzz Spunky is right now – the times are indeed a’ changing.

With that said you can probably guess what Jackrose’s styling is going to be like in 2011, but that is not to say there will be nothing to surprise you – you will just have to continue reading to find that jout.  For the record the brother brand of Jackrose – Luv Maison – is basically just a slightly more premium and European styled version of the core Jackrose line, I tend to mix them in together because Jackrose themselves do in their styling and they are always sold side by side.  I just thought I would clear that up for anyone who has been wondering…

The spring / summer looks are very laid back, almost stoical.  A very different kind of outlaw to the OraOra bravado.

That has mostly been items from the Luv Maison line and mostly items very similar to their F/W collection but with lighter cooler fabrics.  Shame, as I for one have been looking forward to wearing lots of leather this coming S/W and it strikes me as a shame that they missed that particular opportunity that a lot of other brands have jumped on.  Having said that I am glad they have made lighter versions of their huge hoods,  that is one look that I am a big fan of right now.  Elsewhere, I like the newspaper print on the jeans which I am glad to see is coming back around as are longer sleeves.

The rest of their early 2011 styling is exactly as you would expect, but that does not mean it is not as “spot-on” as it has always been.

I actually really like the camouflage lining to the olive coat above and, come to think of it, all the leather and all the denim.  That tends to be where Jackrose stands out, that even when they do a jacket for 20000 yen it is still real leather and their denim is mostly made in Japan from nice and heavy Japanese denim.  Jackrose call this their focus on “real clothes” and you can see what they are getting at, but for me it is not just their use of “real” materials and classic styling, it is that they are also at a price point that “real” people can comfortable afford.

Regardless, this has always been one of my favorite brands in Tokyo and the best shop has to be the one I have linked to below in Harajuku.  If memory serves (and it does) it was actually where I brought my first Japanese leather jacket, which I know it a bit of an odd memory, but it was a really nice moment.  It was like I had just found my feet in Japanese style, and I have never looked back since.


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2 Responses to Jackrose 2011 Collection

  1. fuyume says:

    Oooo i love the jacket in the 3rd pic with the extra big collar it may be menswear but i adore it and would happily wear it xx

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Oddly enough that is the exact same piece that I am lusting after…

    For the record a medium from Jackrose fits like a UK 10, not like a medium from Civarise that fits like a UK 6.

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