Jackrose and their sister brand Luv Maison always feature very heavily in my wardrobe and not just because it is the very first shop you see when you go up the escalator to the men’s area of Shibuya’s 109-2.  For all the glitz and cheap glamour of 109-2, Jackrose always stands apart with toned down weathered leather and denim and a distinct sense of credibility.  The look is rock/biker, not quite as fitted as the rest of 109-2, but is of the best quality you are going to find there and actually probably the best you are going to get without splashing some serious cash.  One thing that I would say is that you never quite feel as if you are in a wind-tunnel of change with them, season on season the theme is improvement rather than change.

With that in mind lets see what is on offer this year:

There are a couple of note-worthy items that I have pickled out above, but by large, this is business as usual for Jackrose.  However one thing that isn’t immediately obvious, but it noticeable in the flesh is that they have upgraded from lamb leather to goat leather for the majority of their jackets – trust me, this is a massive improvement that not many designers will bother with.

Aside from that I love the “peel back” biker boots (top left) with conchos.  What with Jackrose specialising in straight leg jeans it is about time that they started to really make the top of the boot into a real feature.  In the top right there is an example of something I think we are going to see everywhere in gyaru-o this coming season – studs under the leather to give a quite interesting effect that will hopefully wear through fairly quickly to subtly reveal themselves.

The jacket in the center with the massive hood is one that I passed up on last year, but am very tempted with at the moment.  For a start you can mess around with the hood to give you a pretty interesting deconstructed look and secondly it is actually cheaper this year but made of better vegetable dyed leather.  I would also draw attention to the jacket on the right that has a really cool ripped edge to the bottom, this has been all over the boutiques of LA for a while now, but Jackrose has been rocking it since 2006 and I reckon this is the year where the rest of the biker scene will get involved – we will see.

So all in all I am impressed with Jackrose this year, the quality of the items has definitely improved and yet the prices have gone recession friendly!  They are doing a great line in 20000 yen real leather jackets and their ever expanding vintage range caters for those who have yen to burn.

What is catching your eye this A/W?


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3 Responses to JACKROSE A/W 2010 COLLECTION

  1. brad-t says:

    Goat leather is actually cheaper to source than lamb leather. This isn’t better or worse, just different. I for one like the sheen goat leather produces.

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    Indeed, it is not so much about cost, more that goat is less frequently used. I guess there are those out there that would prefer they had stuck with lamb – so it is just a matter of preference. I too side with the grain of goat.

    I feel like I have been talking about leather an awful lot recently, maybe I am brewing up for a new jacket…

    Oh and are you in the UK this weekend?

  3. brad-t says:

    Yeah, I’m in the UK right now actually, in Henley. Gonna take a train out to the festival on Saturday.

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