It’s been another packed month for Tokyo Telephone… We’re currently winding down from Paris Fashion Week while getting ready for Japan Fashion Week in March – we had such a great time in October last year, I really can’t wait to do it all again – but bigger and better of course!

The start of a new year is the best time to put all those promises from last year into action and set some goals. We’ve given the site a bit of a face-lift and gone with a fun graffiti theme – long time readers might remember our Tokyo graffiti photos, one of the first subjects of this site. I think we’ve really come a long way in the past few months, long may it continue!

Cold Song: On 11.01.11 we publicly launched NOMI, our fashion project blog. NOMI is designed to be a place where we can share our creations, as of now we’re currently working something special for me to wear to Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo, and in the mean time take a look at Samuel’s amazing studded vest and spiky shoes.

Blogging by the Sea: This month saw the start of my weekly blog on British and Japanese fashion for Brighton Fashion Week – it’s  such an honour to be asked by them to contribute to such a fun and fresh project! So far, I’ve written about the Grimoire shop & dolly-kei, the colour red in Japanese fashion, and the art of deco to name just a few. I’m really looking forward to working with Brighton Fashion Week throughout this year, so keep checking back for more.

Controversial Chic: Samuel took a look at the latest silver jewelry brand Luciferian Art, and examined their imagery and influences. We happened to meet the designer at a jewelry festival in Shibuya (Hakuei from Penicillin also made an appearance), and he was a lovely guy!

Sweet as Sugar: A double dose of Candy this month, as Rebecca profiled Japanese luxury punk designer Christian Dada and Samuel wrote about Tomihiro Kono’s art/fashion installation in Candy. Still one of our favourite places in the whole of Tokyo!

Wonderland: My article on the select shop Arundel “Arundel & Alice” in Tokyo was mentioned on both Arundel and Rosy Moon‘s respective blogs! The lovely Hana from Finding Tokyo also quoted my article on the gyaru brand Dilga in her fab post on spring 2011 looks – check it out! Oh, and we’ve just seen that Tsuyoshi from Thunderbox has also features Samuel’s article on his own blog – we love geek punk!

Deathly Hallows: Samuel raised a few laughs and eyebrows with his article on Artemis Classic’s collaboration with Harry Potter – Death Eaters beware!

Catwalk Queens: It’s all about the latest and greatest fashion right now; Samuel did a fantastic review of Julius’ autumn winter 2011 collection, and Rebecca wrote about one of her favourite mode gyaru brands Murua’s recent show.

I’m Not Lost: Samuel took us on a tour of Koenji in Tokyo – our new place to shop and be seen! We love the mix of vintage shops and young designers – could this be the next Harajuku?

Ponies and Pink: Rebecca shares her current fashion inspirations – everything from Vivienne Westwood to shop staff with a splash of lilac thrown in for good measure.

Hello Sailor: The darling Claire from She’s Called Claire has been styled by me this week on her great blog where she wears vintage clothing every day for a whole year! She looks amazing in Angelic Pretty and Emily Temple Cute too! Claire also interviewed us both – read Samuel’s interview here, and Rebecca’s here. If you’d like the chance to ask us a few questions then get in touch (hello @! Talking of getting in touch… Todd from the seminal band Shellac got in touch with us to chat about Shellac clothes – how cool is that? Thanks a million, Todd!

Links and Sites: We’re always on the look out for interesting and fabulous blogs & sites to add to our phone book – leave us a comment or drop us a line at hello @ if you’d like to be added to our ever-growing list. Content from Tokyo Telephone is also available on flickrlivejournal and twitter too – if you like what we do, then feel free to spread the word with our shiny new social media links at the bottom of each article; look at them pop up! We’re also featured on Glam UK‘s fashion channel – a great way to see what’s going on on the rest of the network.

Time to get started on next month… and a cuppa!

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