I don’t want to go into the Earthquake too much in this environment, but it cannot be avoided.  Suffice to say that I am enamored with the spirit of  the designers who have been carrying out model fittings in the past couple of days and anxiously preparing for shows when I am sure their minds are elsewhere.  As it stands JFW will largely go ahead with many designers planning a moment of silent reflection before their shows which I for one applaud.  It will doubtlessly be a subdued Fashion Week, but the fact that is going ahead at all is testament to the irrepressible Japanese spirit of the designers above and beyond that which they pour into their creations.  Please support in what ever way you can.

Now word reaches me that Christian Dada, Banal Chic Bizarre and ato (amongst others) have delayed their shows scheduled for this week- whether they will still form part of this JFW remains to be seen.  We wish them all the best and we will keep you updated when we can.

Japan Fashion Week is a really important time for us her at Tokyo Telephone.  It represents the desire of a generation of young designers to create a fashion institution that can rank among the European fashion weeks in its own right rather than the older generation of Japanese designers who sought to join them.  While it is true that international success by Japanese designers is often credited to exhibition abroad, all signs point to the tide beginning to turn and foreign journalists and buyers are starting to descend on the city come fashion week searching for something to get excited about.  Not that they will have far to look as apart from the brands presenting as part of JFW there is a wealth of other trade shows, collaborations and parties in the depth of saturation that only Tokyo can promise.

Needless to say we are there and looking forward to our first show tomorrow night in LaForet for Christian Dada and continuing right to the end of the month.  There is going to be the usual mix of stressful dashes across Tokyo from one show to the other, a lot of wardrobe planning and hopefully a degree of fun somewhere along the line.  Compared to last time our schedule is pretty much packed and we are determined to review each and every show we go along to – so bear with us for that.

Till then, I thought I would give you a little run-down on who is set to make an impression this year.

Ato has been a bit of a slow-burner but he clearly has the potential to make an impact abroad and thanks to that he might well be given the coverage he deserves.

Etw.Vonneguet has certainly made an impression on us already, and the designer’s inclusive (and cost effective) approach to high fashion is sure to win her many fans this time round.

Gut’s Dynamite Cabarets is one of the shows I was most excited to get my invite for, it is a guarantee to be entertained (as it was last time) and I hope you will join us in wishing success onto Aki and Kuzu this time as well.

Headl_iner is a new to be launched brand from one of the key players in Roen.  With that as your background, success has got to be pretty much guaranteed – definitely one to keep your eye on.

Hisui is not presenting as part of JFW this time round but if the buzz around last year’s show is anything to go by, her show at Roppongi Hills is going to make a mark.

Ne-Net is going to be a new one on us this year, but having seen what the designer Kazuaki Takashima has been up to in the past, we are really excited.

Phenomenon was probably the biggest mens wear brand last time round (with very good reason) and seeing it styled over at Candy has made me a staunch believer in the future of this brand.

Theatre Products has peaked my interest with a installation using models – very much looking forward to seeing how that turns out.

Yoshio Kubo a bit of a personal favorite here and I just love his sense of showmanship.

Needless to say that is hardly exhaustive and barely scratches the surface, but if you are bewildered by who to check out, then the above would function as a great couple of pins in the map to get you started.

As for the slightly disappointing news from this Japan Fashion Week:  Apparently Yuima Nakazato has regrettably pulled out (for reasons unknown I might add) which is a shame because I was selfishly looking forward to seeing his latest work.  Aside from that, Vanquish and Liz Lisa are not putting on shows as part of JFW, which is something I would not read too much into.  I personally liked their involvement in JFW as representatives of a large section of Japanese Fashion and particularly one that is popular abroad, I guess we will just have to wait till the S/S collections later this year to see if they repeat their foray into JFW.

I will leave it there for now and I hope you will join us for our coverage of the shows and events at a later date.  I for one, cannot wait.

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2 Responses to Japan Fashion Week A/W 2011-2012: The Ones to Watch – Updated

  1. I saw Ne-Net at JFW in 2007, which started a love afair with the label for me. I just heard that JFW has now been cancelled, which is a shame, but safety first. My original plans for the year was to be there next week, but then I injured my leg and my plans changed. I know how important JFW is and also how much fun it is to attend. Such a shame, the whole situation is so sad.

  2. Tokyo Telephone says:

    Hi Hayley, thanks so much for your comment! I’m huge fan of your blog so I’m pretty chuffed right now 🙂

    What I think has happened is that JFW has cancelled it’s official events, but it’s up to individual designers whether to carry on. We just had en e-mail from ETW Vonnegut & Olga seems pretty determined! We’ll have to see how it pans out…

    Let’s hope everything works out wonderfully next time!


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