When we woke up on the morning of Friday the 11th, we didn’t expect to be greeted with news of Japan’s huge earthquake and subsequent tsunami. As facts became clearer throughout the day, we were glued to twitter and live news and suddenly talking about fashion seemed trivial. We’re both so happy that all our friends and colleagues have remained safe and sound. Now that we’re back in Tokyo, we can’t help but see all the small acts of kindness and charity going on across the country. I’ve decided to leave my post below as is, as I’d like to think of this Japan Fashion Week not as a memorial but as a celebration.


It’s already that time folks: Japan Fashion Week is just starting, and I’ve chucked all my clothes out of our shared Tokyo Telephone wardrobe (it’s huge!) because I’ve suddenly decided I’ve got nothing to wear. Everybody run for the hills; it’s going to get ugly before it gets better…

To pre-emptively deal with the rising panic that grips my throat every time I think about what I’ll be wearing this week, I’ve sneakily come up with some mood boards to help me through the terrifying sartorial maze I’ve found myself in. I’m comfortable with my own style (currently: leather shorts, oversize vintage t-shirt, leather jacket, high heels), but this is Japan Fashion Week and there will be catwalk shows, parties, peers and maybe even the staff from Candy. I think I’m up for the challenge…

(Samuel, wearing my NOMI jacket)

Take me by the hand and click onwards, dear reader.

First up, we have some glorious teddy boy punk shots from (I think) a German high fashion magazine – vintage quiffs, blue snakeskin, leopard print and plenty of black eyeliner. Centre-right is a great image from another magazine that I can’t remember (really should name then when I save!) but I think you’ll agree that the fluffy studded jacket looks amazing with leather trousers – oh, for a smaller rear-end… Skinny ties, tight trousers and messy make-up, yes please.

My beloved jacket, and some of my favourite looks from Murua: maxi-dresses, corset belts, sheer fabric and huge shoulders. Love, love, love. I’ll be wearing all those key points in various outfits for most of fashion week I think – just you try to pry me out my maxi-dresses! I managed to find the perfect corset belt a couple of months ago too; my waist is quite small but I have a long torso, so I have trouble finding certain items that fit & flatter. Case in point: trying on jumpsuits that were in every Tokyo fashion store last year was hilarious – many of them would have been underbust!

You know I love a good shop staff coordinate, right? Of course I couldn’t resist posting some of recent favourite outfits from the Candy staff: left to right, I’m digging shorts under long layers & punk safety pin accessories, Yuima Nakazato plastic detail skirt/dress (I am craving it! Saving up as I write this…), and sheer draped layers contrasted with tough military boots. Candy, you never fail to inspire! I’ve also been paying attention to H>Fractal this month too – I’m a huge fan of their styling; I love the soft flowing layers paired with more masculine tailored jackets and trousers. Mr. Mori-C is looking great in those sunglasses too, I think you’ll agree!

It’s only reviewing this that I realise that the vast majority of looks I’ve highlighted are either worn by men or are unisex. It seems that despite writing daily about women’s Japanese fashion, when it comes to myself I favour a more androgynous style for the most part.


I think I’m feeling slightly calmer about my wardrobe fiasco now, but the question remains – what would you wear to Japan Fashion Week?

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3 Responses to Japan Fashion Week Personal Style

  1. Tori says:

    Loving all the punk details ♥

  2. Leanne says:

    I severely overpacked, thinking I was going to JFW as well…even weird out there things like silver ruched pvc leggings & a silver brocade turban I made a few years ago! Also bright pink & orange to offset the white and black, spotted & striped jackets, too many printed leggings, corsets and goth stuff… Really will have to send stuff home or I’ll be WAY over the baggage limit.

  3. Tokyo Telephone says:

    As you saw, I was just living in maxi dresses and army boots! Love all your fab Glad News buys 😉


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