As I’m sure you’ve gathered from the title, Jenny Fax’s spring summer 2012 collection is all about prom queens and teenage girls and awkwardness and creepy-huge eyes and t-shirts with cats on. I’m pretty sure I can get right behind this; it’s amazing.

Shueh Jen-Fang, as well as having a super-cool name and being Mikio Sakabe’s partner, only launched her brand last year, but if spring summer 2012 is anything to go by then we should all be keeping watch to see what wonders will appear from Fax land. I guess it would have been more mainstream to celebrate the true prom queen (bouffant hair, white smile, handsome boyfriend, lace socks), but I’m very glad that Jenny Fax has chosen to look at the wallflowers instead…

Maybe I should tell you about my high school prom? It’s either highly embarrassing or highly fantastic, depending on your opinion of social awkwardness. The background here is that I attended an all-girls school in England which for some reason reason decided to hold a prom night event in conjunction with the all-boys school next door. The long and short of it is that my three friends and I, while everyone else went full-on princess in taffeta and silk, threw a spanner in the works by turning up in a 1960s mod dress, a black and red lace dress, a dress with Morrissey’s face on it, and in my case a huge floor-length black velvet gothic number. I have some clear memories of nipping vodka in the loos, as is befitting of a prom night regardless of it being held in Oklahoma or Sussex. We left early and ate lots of cheese. Even a decade later I still can’t look at Wenselydale cheese the same way. I guess this qualifies me, in some strange fashion, to empathise greatly with the characters that Jenny Fax sent down the runway. I don’t think there’s a prom queen hiding in every girl, but there’s certainly a wallflower inside most people.

(photos above shot at RoomsLINK)

So what did Jenny Fax imagine her prom non-queens wearing? Puffed sleeves and tulle yes, but also school uniform skirts, ankle socks and loafers, cartoon eyes that you might doodle on your notebook in a boring lesson, art class colours and textile lesson creations. I can see quite a few of these looks translating well to the oh-so-fashionable streets of Tokyo, perhaps not as as full outfits but certainly touches of teen Americana and the jarring quality that is celebrated here by Jenny Fax surely captures some of the willingness to experiment with confrontational looks that so epitomises Japanese fashion.

There were only a couple of tiaras to go around at this school dance on the runway, but I think we can agree that Jenny Fax should be crowned immediately.

Living the teen dream.

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