Jesus Diamante comes under the category in my mind of ‘clothes I would like to own one day’ – not only due to the fabulous design, but also (alas) the equally fabulous price tag. Here’s some gorgeous winter coats to dribble over, while weeping quietly into a handkerchief about the exchange rate;

Leopard print is huge (again) this winter, and I’m not complaining! Out of all animal prints, I think leopard is my favourite: I like the natural colour palette as well unusual colouring, and I love revelling in it’s somewhat trashy nature – red lips, black winged eyes and chunky jewellery! I’m really taken with the little fur bolero, such a great 60’s feel to it paired with elbow-length gloves – try embellished leather gloves for an edgier feel. The black & white sailor style coat is so adorable – perfect for any seaside princess or land-lubber lolita!

I mentioned earlier about the price tag for these coats – brace yourself – you wont be getting much change back from Y95,000! With the current exchange rate, that’s roughly £700 or $1,000.The price of being a real-life princess is high, and these are status goods as much as any other high-end brand. The most expensive item sold at JD is the VIP Coat with high quality fox fur accents, coming in at an eye-watering Y189,000 or £1,400 – $2,200. So, it’s no wonder that walking around Tokyo, you wont see many hime trotting along in their pumps! It seems that hime style has been a casualty of the global recession: the cost of maintaining their manicured appearance (hair & nail appointments, make-up, coloured contact lenses, etc) not to mention keeping up with the latest JD releases has sadly seen this style all but disappear from the streets, and become relegated to shop staff and magazine models.

How can you beat the recession & still bring a touch of princess-like sparkle to your life? Aside from DIY and cutting back on non-essentials (although my nails really are a necessity for me!), if you’ve got your heart set on Jesus Diamante, why not invest (and I do mean invest…) in a winter coat: not only does it cover all your clothes; it gets worn pretty much every day from autumn to spring; and a good quality coat in a classic design will last for a few seasons – enough time to save up for a new one!

Rebecca, counting the pennies in preparation for Japan

PS: This is our 200th post, hurrah!

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3 Responses to Jesus Diamante: Winter Princess

  1. brad-t says:

    I bought my ex-girlfriend a Jesus Diamante lucky bag for Christmas last year. There was a winter coat in there. I don’t think JD does lucky bags all that often, unfortunately.

    Also unfortunate that I spent that much money only to end the relationship three months later. T_T

  2. tokyotelephone says:

    I was going to say, lucky lady haha!

    Yeah, I’m guessing that even when lucky bags come out they get snapped up very quickly!
    As much as I love JD, I just think I’d rather spend the same amount on two leather bags and a great pair of boots! But that’s my priorities, I suppose a hime would have different ideas 😉


  3. brad-t says:

    I think the lucky bags sold out the same day they were released. I was very (un)lucky to get it.

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