Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned Jouetie here before, right? Jouetie is yet another Mark-Styler brand (the company behind Emoda, Murua, Dazzlin, etc), “produced” by Ami and Aya who have an insanely cute blog. As far as I’m aware, it’s the only M-S brand to be located in La Foret, rather than the usual 109/Lumine/Alta department stores, but that goes to show the strength of Jouetie’s brand image.

It’s a bit of a shame it’s taken me this long to get around to talking about Jouetie, as I always make sure to swing by whenever I’m trotting around Harajuku and La Foret. I think it’s really interesting that while Jouetie are influenced by the whole ‘faux-vintage’ movement, it’s actually quite different from what the majority of more mainstream stores are putting out: there’s less mustard and beige, and more boy-ish rock style over pleated skirts and peter-pan collars. Of course I personally lean more to the Jouetie side of things when it comes to my own style, but nonetheless Jouetie are ones to watch, and each collection keeps getting better…

My eyes lit up as soon as I saw the title of this autumn winter collection – as an English girl in Tokyo, I just love spotting little references to the UK, and ‘Bright UK’ is a pretty explicit one. According to Jouetie’s season concept, this style is all about “expressing loudness and brightness… inspired by the UK punk rock movement” – count me in! It’s sometimes easy to forget when you’re walking around Harajuku that a lot of the trends you see on the streets were actually influenced in some way by previous UK fashion movements (I’m not sure about current UK fashion – it’s all  a bit slouchy, I think!), so it’s great to see Jouetie taking on some of the styles that inspired me as a young teen. In this collection there’s plenty to tickle your fashion fancy, no matter your style: leopard print, denim, knitwear, leather jackets, take your pick! While it’s not exactly historically accurate (you gotta see This Is England for some proper brutal 1980s English life, and fantastic clothes), I’m pretty sure this winter will see Jouetie gaining many new fans.

A-mazing leather studded jacket there! (Of course I should suggest a DIY version…)

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One Response to Jouetie – Autumn / Winter 2011 Collection – Bright UK

  1. Laura says:

    I wish I had legs like that! Hahaha. But more importantly, all the clothes are so cute and full of all my favorite motifs! Both of these are the best

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