Even though I’m not a lolita fashionista myself, there’s just something about the style that keep drawing me back. Lolita fashion has been on my mind a lot recently, what with relocating Telephone Towers and sorting through our lives & junk, thinking about how far we’ve come over the past three years together. Maybe it’s because I’m feeling slightly nostalgic, and because lolita was the first specifically Japanese fashion that I fell in love with as a young teen – I think lolita will always have a place in my head and my heart as something very special indeed.

(Ah, enough with my rose-tinted glasses! C’mon Rebecca, get with the times; let’s take a look at Juliette et Justine.)

A very special brand: Juliette et Justine are at the top of their game and have consistently produced gorgeous dresses and clothes that are guaranteed to stop anyone in their tracks. Lusher than lush, this is lolita fashion at it’s opulent best…

Looking for a winter coat? Love this, especially as it reminds me of Mary Poppins’ magic carpet bag. Amazing.

Perfect for the classiest Christmas party, wow! I think the grey fur is probably my favourite of the two.

Would love to see the above in a dolly-kei vintage outfit too…

Ah, the ‘Travelogue’ dresses – less sturdy than Juliette et Justine’s standard items, these are aimed at the lolita on the go!

Even though I’m not a dress-y kinda girl, I will confess to seriously longing for the tarot card print in black – where’s my Christmas wish list?!

This dress design is so amazing. I don’t know if I’d call it lolita, but honestly I don’t care! It’s utterly beautiful and one (in my ever so humble opinion) of the best things Juliette et Justine have ever produced. Phwoar!

I’m afraid I have no idea what the original artwork here is, but never before have I been more than perfectly happy to have a nude woman frolicking around on a piece of my clothing! Hurrah!

With such amazing designs and prints, it’s no wonder Juliette et Justine are tempting me back to lolita… Uh, with leather jackets, of course!

For more from Juliette et Justine, take a look at the homepage.

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